The Author


-Malaysian here! *wave Malaysia’a flag*
-I’m a typical teenager who love fangirling over cute and hot guys XD
-Orlando Bloom was my first celebrity crush, i love this guy during LOTR time and i was still super young LOL
-Koike Teppei was my first Japanese Celebrity crush.
-Start to take interest in Jpop because of Nobuta Wo Produce(met Yamapi,Kame and Maki ;D)
-Became Arashi fan after i watch Honey and Clover live action (Sho act as Takemoto and he was really cute XD)
-Fell in love with TVXQ (changmin to be specific)in middle/early 2007 when my friend show me their Balloon MV
-Since then i start to take interest in TVXQ, because i love their korean song “O” and their japanese song Choosey lover.
-Became TVXQ fan since then! ;D and started to take interest in Kpop (and fell in love with their other half TSZX The grace especially Lina! )
-Currently Obsess with Bruno Mars and TVXQ !

My Bias.

-Arashi (Nino especially XD)
-The Grace
-Koike Teppei
-KAT-TUN (okay maybe i just love Junno ;P)
-David Archuleta (He’s the cutest American singer i ever met XD)
-Otsuka Ai
-Hey! Say! Jump! (Chinen,Yuto and Daiki! <3<3)
-Tegomass! (not really a fan of news i just love Tegomass especially Tegoshi XD )
-Donghae,Kibum and Siwon
-Amber (f(x))
-CL (2NE1)

My Fav Actor/Actress
-Ueto Aya
-Horikita Maki
-Kanata Hongo
-Ueno Juri
-Daniel Henney
-Shida Mirai
-Oguri Shun
-Ikuta Toma
-Mizushima Hiro

My Current Wish list

– Buy Tohoshinki Best Selection 2010 – Jacket A
– Buy K-ON! season 1
– Buy Haruhi Suzumiya season 2
– Buy K-ON season 2
-Collect all TVXQ Album (just need rising sun and heart,mind and soul >.< why is it so hard to find those two album???)
– Meet TVXQ (had met JYJ but still this doesnt count as i still havent meet homin )
– Go to TVXQ concert (same as the situation above)
– Meet Arashi

  1. yanayunho says:


    i already bought k-on s1! long ago…. b4 it become famous…

    gud luck on the dance! i wish to c it if u record it~

  2. samohty says:

    Really? Now, i really feel like going to Animetech =__= .

    I never really record or dance in front of people before (except in front of my friends and my sister). BUT i WILL show my TVXQ dance remix (baloons + a lil bit of mirotic and Tri-angle) for Yoochun’s B’day

  3. Hi, it’s sad that u didn’t update ur blog since jan’12, this is a very nice blog as u always giv ur thought n review 4 evrythg (album..etc..etc) n it’s not over like some.. or too emotional.. :D
    anyway i juz want to say ur blog is very nice~!! n i hope u’ll keep this up as i mean to keep updating.. ^^,
    btw i’m also malaysian TVXQ/JYJ fan.. XD

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