Who is TVXQ?

Basicly TVXQ is an awesome group from South Korea that SM ent had found,

Chinese character/Hanja/Kanji:東方神起
Chinese/international acronym: TVXQ/TVfXQ (Tong Vfang Xin Qi)
Korean acronym:DBSK (Dong Bang Shin Ki/Gi)
Japanese acronym:THSK or Tohoshinki..

They’re known as Tohoshinki in japan, TVXQ in china and internationaly,DBSK in korea
and the meaning of TVXQ is

The Rising God Of The East

The honorific members are (sort by age)

The TVXQ Mom; Hero Jae Joong
Real name: Kim Jae Joong/ Han Jae Joong
Stage name:Hero Jae joong /Youngwoong Jae joong
Birthdate: 26th January 1986

The TVXQ’s charismatic leader; U-know Yunho
Stage name: U-know yunho
Real name: Jung Yun Ho/Yoon Ho (depends on how you pronounce it)
Birthdate: 6th February 1986

The Sensitive one; Micky Yoochun
Real Name: Park Yoo chun
Stage Name: Micky Yoochun
Birthdate : June 4th, 1986

The TVXQ’s angel; Xiah Junsu
Name: Kim Junsu
Stage Name: Xiah Junsu
Birthdate: December 15th 1986

The TVXQ’s magnae/youngest; Max Changmin
Real name: Shim Changmin
Stage Name: Max Changmin /Choikang Changmin
Birthdate: February 18th 1988

  1. TVXQ FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yus YUsrina says:

    loveeeeeeeee itttttttt!!!!! fightingggg spirit of dong bang shin ki!!!!! AKTF!!!! :)

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