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All i can say is their japanese album never fail to impress me ;) no it’s not because i’m dedicated all my heart and soul to them but really their japanese album never fail to impress me. You will love ALL of the songs in their japanese but that will not happen in their korean album. i can understand why toho is so popular *nod nod* from Heart,Mind and Soul to Tone. it will never let me down. it’s kinda different with their korean album..which always left me with boring ballad but of course their voice is jjang. so it’s not their fault. it’s the songs fault.

A great Album come with A great price, well at least for fellow Malaysian. this album cost me for like RM 100+ yeah…my pocket is burniiinnnnnng and EVEN this one isnt the first press.

enough about the price

Tohoshinki - Tone blue Pictures, Images and Photos

Mine is Tone ver. B the blue one

they are looking fabulous ;D

This album 14 songs in it

1.Introduction ~Magenta~
2.B.U.T (Beauty)
3.I Think U Know
5.Thank You My Girl
7.Back To Tommorow
8.WHY?(Keep Your Head Down)
10.I Dont Know
12.シアワセ色の花 (romanji : Shiawase Iro no Hana/ flowers the colour of happiness)
13.Easy Mind

when you look at the track list one thing you notice the lack of japanese word as their tittle XD it seems like a trend for japanese to use english word as their tittle nowadays -..-

1.Introduction ~Magenta~
This song is sung entirely by Changmin and This.Song.Is.My.Lullaby XDD
well… i’m not complaining. At least i have my bias singing lullaby everynight.

2. B.U.T (BE-AU-TY)
well…hmmmm.. i love the doong doong doong doong doong part. okay okay i have to be honest here. when this song come out..i dont…really likee…it *runaway before cassiopeia+bigeast kill me* this song is so not tohoshinki-like.
but then..when you give this song a chance and replay replay replay..this song grows on me. it became better better and better. and i still love the doong doong doong part ;P

3. I Think U Know
same as B.U.T. this is song is not really my jam. but it’s okayyy if you want a song for you to dance to. this song is that kind of song.

4. Duet


Shinjiroh Inoue song. He wrote all my all time favourite ballad ; Bolero. and my favourite karoeke song by tohoshinki ; doushite kimi suki .
And now duet. I LOVE THIS SONG. this song is my personal favourite in this album. it has the soft R&B-Ballad feel. the song started with the soft heartwarming kinda feel with changmin’s soothing voice :3 and then it became faster with “wasurenaide wasurenaide” . this song is so simple but so addicting and soo good XD
This is what i want. this song is just soo tohoshinki like! :D

5. Thank you my girl
whenever i heard this song. i will feel like i’m listening to their first korean album ; Tri-Angle. ya know the cheesy cute pop song. but our tall brothers voices somehow blends well with this song. i guess cheesy cute pop song is their style XP not their best song but not their worst song either.

6. Telephone
Okay i’m gonna go into sad ot5 mode. everytime. EVERYTIME. i hear this song i have a really STRONG feeling this song NEED jyj voices in it. this seems lack of jyj. T_____T it need Changmin to harmonize with jaejoong . it need yoochun harmonize with yunho voice it need ot5 harmonization for the chorus. this song screams for Toho5hinki. idk why. am i the only one who feel like that?

7. Back To Tomorrow
I love this song :3 this the strong ballad that i’m waiting for! this song is the TAXI (from their 4th japanese album) kind of song. soft-strong ballad :D

8. Why? (Keep Your Head Down)
I LOVE KOREAN VERSION MORE. what’s funny is they still saying Wae, but the claim that they say why. ya know the pronounciation for Wae and Why is different DIFFERENT.

9. Maximum
Again. korean song shouldnt have a japanese ver.

10. I Don’t Know
The only fast tracking song that i love from the start XD

11. Superstar
ASDFGHJKL MY HOMIN DOESNT NEED AUTOTUNE. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!! >.< whenever i hear this song i feel like punching someone form avex or sm. this song sound so kpop-debut song. you know the kind of song rookie use to debut. *head desk* what have you done to my homin T__T *grab tissues*

12.Shiawase Iro no Hana
I love soft ballad. but… this song is just too long.i mean 6 freaking minutes *runaway* dont kill me.
to be honest i'm not into ballad that too long. Even JYJ 'W" bore me. W is a nice touchy song but it's too long. so it's not the songs fault. it just me.

13.Easy Mind
This song is so jpop like in a good way. this song is catchy, addicting and relaxing. every time i hear thing song my body feel like dancing. this song will be great if they do a korean version and release it. plus with a cute-happy kinda choreography. BAM! it will be a hit. trust me.
This song is my 2nd favourite ;D

*happy dance* i love this song~~~~ it has those kinda happy feeling. When i first hear it i was like "oh so arashi" hahaha. the happy cute song thing is just so arashi like XD just imagine they sing this song with arashi, oh it would be epic :D

So far Tone isnt TOHO best album. My personal favourite will always be their 4th album ; The secret code. This album is somehow..idk lack of something and too much autotune (let me kill someone right now) Homin voice arent that bad they are the members of TOHOSHINKI for god sake. they can sing. especially changmin.why need the auto tune -..-

but then this album is not so bad. just two-three song that i dont really like. but this album is okay.



Calling all Malaysian cassiopeia , i have a VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY GOOD NEWS FOR YOU

Do scream now.

Do you want TVXQ to come here in Malaysia? here’s your REALLLLLLLYYYYYYYY golden oppotunity like REALLY GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY


remember how JYJ showcase at first it was a rumor then an official survey then it became the real THING.




i gave u a picture of cute jaejoong and cute changmin ;D

now dont dissapoint lord voldamin and do the survey!

Presenting, The king of Cassiopeia; the leader of asian sex god

U-Know Yunho ; Jung Yunho

he’s the best leader in the kpop world. TBH, i’m not criticizing another kpop group maybe i dont know their leader well enough (TVXQ is my ONLY MALE bias in kpop world) but in my observation Yunho is the most strict leader evaaahhhh.

He’s GREAT at public speaking (most of his relatives are attorney *wink) , if you see TVXQ’s interview he always know what to say it’s kinda different with jaejoong who-just-said-whatever-he-wants-but-that-makes-him-dorky :3 , I still remember in one press conference (means they have to be formal) one reporter asked him about any of TVXQ member who’s dating someone. He calmly gave his speech and satisfied the reporter wihtout gave the exact yes or no. Isnt he brilliant?

LOL jae and changmin. they’re soo gonna die after this.

seriuosly i want THIS guy to be my father-in-law. CHANGMIN, HURRY UP AND MARRY ME. He stand for his fan that he barely knew! ADSDFGHJKL I LOVE THIS GUY

Yunho is the kind of person who always wanna look manly. In the past, if any tvxq does the begging thing in a variety shows yunho ALWAYS scream “YAAHH BE A MAN” it means he wanted the members to accept the result as they are. But we all know he had this childish side of him who loves to do cute stuff, the aegyo thing. ;D

During SMtown interview, there’s one SuJu member said that Yunho is a very strict leader. He said that he once saw yunho yelling-in-a-good-way (dang there’s another word for this..i cant think of any right now will edit this later) to the THREE MEMBERS, there’s only this one member who yunho doesnt dare to do so (LOL I think eveyone know who is the one member)

He’s the father to TVXQ , he will always make sure all the member eat first before he eats and he always take a really good care of the maknae ;) even changmin doesnt deny that.

He had drink a glue, being blame for the split, always holding his tear to maintain the good image of a leader (everyone knows he never cry in public but always burst into tears on the backstage, leader-shi you CAN cry *i sound like nichkun just now*) , a VERY VERY VERY humble man (he bows 90 degree to rookie, the best asia group leader bow 90 degree to rookie .yes 90 degree)


changmin wanna add some more on how strict leader-shi is?

That’s how yunho the perfectionism works.

signing off with cute yunho

firstly *happy dance*

FINALLY I HAD BOUGHT TONE ;D it cost me fortune. My pocket had to suffer a third degree burn to buy this album XD

I bought Type B. i cant afford type A T___T but then if you compare all the type.. i love the cover for type B the most ;)


there’s actually like some little photobook in this album and a card. and again i got leader shi card

i think i had some sort of fate with leader-shi..i always got his card.. and so far i got 3 leader-shi card! LOL

When i got home…i just realise this..i ordered JYJ In Heaven in RED but got the BLUE one instead and for Tone I bought type B which is blue and if i had some money i would buy type A which is also RED

kore wa no destiny?
HAHA anyway AKTF ;)


18 days more

21 days to go ;D

so today it’s about the magnae

To tell you the truth, i never met someone like changmin before. he’s the observer type. He’s quiet but when he opens his mouth you’ll be like 0_o “is this the same person ?”


during X-men







a knock out for jae XD
when jaejoong try to explain….



when jaejoong trying to explain again,,,,,


changmin quickly said…






and everytime he sees food or talk about food..his expression will change. proof?



oh yeah by the way, changmin is crazy about teletubies. he is the magnae after all


other random things….
changmin Pictures, Images and Photos

laughing changmin is love

how adorableee izz thizzzz

mom i wanna a haircut like this

signing off with adorable changmin ;)

I’m sorry but the Japanese version sound so wrong XD and they stll use “Wae”..but i cant blame them..imagine they replace “Wae” with “Nande” or “Doushite” it will sound REALLY REALLY weird and REALLY REALLY wrong.The mv looks like its being stole form youtube (the video is in bad quality;Not HD at all. Did anyone noticed this?) and being dubbed in japanese…TBH, I’m actually sick of Korean song had a japanese version…


oh weelllll changmin still hot, yunho too..

credit:AVEX @ Youtube

SO oricon ranking for 2010 years had been announced, ad it’s not a suprise the ranking was taken by storm
(okay that was a fail intro and the tittle had nothing to do with the post =___=)

what i’m trying to say’s not so suprise that Arashi is number 1 ;)

1. Arashi – ¥17.163 billion/¥17,163,000,000 (approximately $204,321,424)

2. Tohoshinki – ¥9.431 billion/¥9,431,000,000 (approximately $112,273,808)

3. AKB48 – ¥7.092 billion/¥7,092,000,000 (approximately $84,408,472)

4. EXILE – ¥6.015 billion/¥6,015,000,000 (approximately $71,590,096)

5. Ikimonogakari – ¥5.618 billion/¥5,618,000,000 (approximately $66,865,032)

my bias rule the ranking!

Arashi and Tohoshinki FTW! ^0^

oh why do i always be in love with awesome people *get bricked*

I really wish somehow..Arashi and TVXQ would do a collab or maybe nino and changmin would do a duet?

btw congratz to ikimonogakari ;) , they’re adorable and talented. they deserve to be no.5

the ranking for single top 10

1. “Beginner” – AKB48 : (954,283)
2. “Heavy Rotation” – AKB48 (713,275)
3. “Troublemaker” – Arashi : (698,542)
4. “Monster” – Arashi : (696,022)
5. “Ponytail to Shushu” – AKB48 : (659,959)
6. “Hatenai Sora” – Arashi : (656,343)
7. “Løve Rainbow” – Arashi : (620,057)
8. “Chance no Junban” – AKB48 : (596,769)
9. “Dear Snow” – Arashi : (591,207)
10. “To be free” – Arashi : (516,142)

i’m speechless. where are other people? it’s like japan only have 2 group. AKB48+Arashi rule japan this year

just for fun, to celebrate arashi awesome-ness. i present to you….*drumroll*

Ninomiya Kazunari-san!


LOL nino even with your round belly ,you’re still adorable XD

some ohmiya

PhotobucketRiida is MIIIIINEEEE – Nino


sometime i think that ohmiya is a force love and of course riida is the victim,hamburger hand will never be a victim. proof?


oh well i still love ohmiya

I Love this picture.

>___< *wavin ohmiya flag* if most cassiopeia crazy and delusional about yunjae and yoosu,i’m more fanatic and delusional about ohmiya ;P nothing can beat ohmiya skinship (they had KISS in PUBLIC and that’s a fact XD) even my fav pairing in tvxq jaemin *run before cassie kill me*

just marry and have kids already! fangirls wouldnt mind LOL





LOL ignore sho.

lastly, just enjoy my favourite video of yunjae (lol why yunjae so suddenly?)

 this video made yunjae seems so real ;D the way yunnie touch jae , and the way jae treat seems so sweet.

it’s funny that my min is stuck between those two lover XD

btw this year is the most suckiest year ever. avex milking toho like there’s no tommorow; realeasing 3 compilation album, blu-ray and dvd. geez avex, enough already. JE release 6 FREAKING SINGLE for arashi (usually it’s 3 or 4) wth is that? poor arashi and poor fangirls’ money. why JE did that? money? it’s not like arashi doesnt sell well, every year they topping the charts. they are ARASHI. =___=  and out of 6 only 3 of them i think deserve to be top 10 and this is came from a huge fan of arashi. why JE why?


source : oricon style + tokyohive.  HeavensWine5 @ youtube