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[Review] JYJ – The….

Posted: January 2, 2012 in Reviews
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Firstly let me laugh. the tittle the.. XD am i the only one find the tittle funny? it’s cute..and funny haha okay. okay i’m gonna stop.

So The.. is kinda like jyj debut album.

this album consist of 4 songs.

1. いつだって君に (itsu datee kimi ni)
first impression ; 5 freaking minutes of the same thing. when i first hear this song i was like “ooohh nice melody” but then i was kinda lost and all i can hear is

Kimi dake ni aitakatta yo
Itsudatte aitakatta yo
Ima mo dakishimete iru yo kimi no subete wo
Hohoemi wo yurushite yo tada bokura no tame ni
Kitto kono saki ni mada hikari wa sasu kara

but this song is nice :D

2. Get Ready
This song is so tohoshinki during T. the mood the melody. this song is just nice and relaxing.

3. Long Way
i hate catchy ballad. it’ll stuck in my head for months and i cant stop singing to this song. everytime i’m bore i’ll find myself singing

I promise not to forget,
always i believe in myself
Tada aruiteiku maeni
Arukuyo maeni
Arukuyo maeni

and if my mom ask me to reach something i’ll end up saying “long way long way~~~” XD a good way to troll people *nod nod*

4. W
first, Let me cry.

okay. the melody is great. the just…

okay let me cry again.

keep in mind that i love you


this is how great w is. enuff said


now let me cry again.