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[Review] JYJ – The….

Posted: January 2, 2012 in Reviews
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Firstly let me laugh. the tittle the.. XD am i the only one find the tittle funny? it’s cute..and funny haha okay. okay i’m gonna stop.

So The.. is kinda like jyj debut album.

this album consist of 4 songs.

1. いつだって君に (itsu datee kimi ni)
first impression ; 5 freaking minutes of the same thing. when i first hear this song i was like “ooohh nice melody” but then i was kinda lost and all i can hear is

Kimi dake ni aitakatta yo
Itsudatte aitakatta yo
Ima mo dakishimete iru yo kimi no subete wo
Hohoemi wo yurushite yo tada bokura no tame ni
Kitto kono saki ni mada hikari wa sasu kara

but this song is nice :D

2. Get Ready
This song is so tohoshinki during T. the mood the melody. this song is just nice and relaxing.

3. Long Way
i hate catchy ballad. it’ll stuck in my head for months and i cant stop singing to this song. everytime i’m bore i’ll find myself singing

I promise not to forget,
always i believe in myself
Tada aruiteiku maeni
Arukuyo maeni
Arukuyo maeni

and if my mom ask me to reach something i’ll end up saying “long way long way~~~” XD a good way to troll people *nod nod*

4. W
first, Let me cry.

okay. the melody is great. the just…

okay let me cry again.

keep in mind that i love you


this is how great w is. enuff said


now let me cry again.


At first when i hear that JYJ gonna release an english song i was like

but then………it left me speechless..

why? let’s move one and you know why

So the beginning consist of 8 songs;

2.Ayyy Girl_Feat. Kanye West / M. Yusef
4.Be My Girl
4.Be My Girl
6.I Love You_Feat. Flowsik
7.I Can Soar
8.Be The One

2.Ayyy Girl.

i.hate.kanye’s rap. but credit to him for making me giggle everytime i hear the “whats your friend’s attitude, why she so damn rude? huh” XDDD

i dont really like this song at first but when i saw they singing ayy girl live during the showcase just then i realise how sexaayyy they are.

3. Empty


but then WHERE’S JAEJOONG IN THIS SONG? his solo part for this song is only “girl because your heartrt is empty” yes just six words.

but i love yoochun’s voice. his english pronounciation is daebak. i can understand him 100%. his english is sexaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

4.Be My Girl
“dont wanna hurt nobody, this is a song for you” :3 notice how yoochun always get the cheesy line? haha. his voice is meant for the cheesy-ness XD
I like be my girl. at least i can understand their english in this song.

5.Still In Love
i dont knoww…maybe it’s just me…i try to like this song..but i cant. the lyric are good. the melody..maybe this song isnt really my jam soryy jaejoong *bow*

6.I Love You
yes i love you too yoochun but this song annoy me. repetitive i love you for like 41243123 times. sint cool. isnt cool. and do they even need to open this song with a girls voice saying ‘hey this isnt wor out” aasdfgghhgsvgre i love yoochun. i really do but i dont love this song.

7.I Can Soar.
Junsu is a great songwriter. enough said. LISTEN TO THIS SONNNGGGGG NOWW

8.Be the one.
this song isnt really a WOW. it just a so-so. and i can understand this song lol *get brick*

so far. i feel like this album is rush-ly made.they just put this and that plus this oh and this too and then TADAAAAA we got “The Beginning”. to be honest the only song that i REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY love is empty.

*runaway before cassie kill me*

[Review] JYJ – In Heaven

Posted: January 2, 2012 in Reviews
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I wanna give JYJ a big hug. In Heaven is great. Our boys grow up so fast arent they T____T

JYJ - In Heaven Blue Pictures, Images and Photos

I love In heaven from the song to the album packaging itself.
the price is reasonable and quite cheap. i bought it for RM 74 but bear in mind it came with a poster and photobook. the photobook may not be as big as TVXQ why(keep your head down) photobook. but still i’m satisfied. ya know the feeling of worth buying. yes that kind of sastifaction.

This album contain 10 songs

1.Get out
2.In Heaven
3.Fallen leaves
4.The Boy’s letter
10.A song wihtout a name

Although HALF of the song is the same song in JYJ ; Their room and i bought that one too but still i’m sastified with it

1.Get out

Just if..just if they werent cockblock. this song will be a hit. A HIT. with their seriuosly addictive dance.To me all their dance steps from empty till now are just so addicting.
on ayy girl we have that
sexy window-dance,

0:35 sexy rolling down window dance XD

for empty the octopus hand kind of dance

0:54 ; octopus/jelly hand dance XD

and we had the get out dance. jyj. i love you guys.

but still what bothers me is yoochun line
“tonight i dont need a damn explain” just so engrish/chunglish. i know i’m no good in grammar either.

is it just me who seems to think the beggining of this song doesnt really blend with the chorus? okay maybe it just me,

2.In Heaven
who loves this song hands down!
I love fast ballad :D and this song is addicting. whenever i’m bore i found myself singing “gajima do gajima” “gojitmal do gojitmal” XD

and is it only me who wanted and ot5 version of this. it needs changmin voice blend with yoochun for the beginning part. after that some changmin with junsu. and the second part yunho and yoochun damn.epicness. okay maybe it just me again.

anyway. this song is great. Good job Jaejoong!

3.Fallen leaves
This is a beautiful song. with a beautiful words. enough said.

4.The Boy’s letter
JYJ has this habit of making a ballad song too long. bad and if the song is long and just not my jam. althought the song is beautiful and all. it’s not the songs just me


“Mission make it mission make let’s go mission make it go~~”

oh you miss chunglish? listen to this song. it got a lot of chunglish in it.

So, probably your money is unpublic
Try to save my life like a puppy and cream
Another hot movie character bumble bee
Treat me like a slave and I pray is it halloween
Trick or treats oh please don’t even try
To pull my head down your way
Brand new person. A man?
So fuck off no more talk made me speechless. “treat me like a slave and i pray is it halloween” o.o

Try to save my life like a puppy and cream

this is worst than my love is bigger that gingerbread man vitality. or maybe he just love puppy and cream. who knows right? YOOCHUN you better give me some explanation for this lyrics seriuosly no matter how hard i try i just cant understand the lyrics.

hmmmm…. this song is so so and i dont dig auto tune. before the official lyrics were out..i and so do other cassie..were like O____o on junsu’s line.

I want you in my pants, i want you in my pants

XDDD seriuosly it doesnt sound any like i want you in my plans, it sounds like pants not plans.

Pierrot is a puppet jsyk. so this song talk about how they dont like to be a puppet for someone. wanted to be free… sounds familiar? enough said. let’s move one

this song is so typical korean ost like :P in a good way of course. and this songs. remind me of TVXQ during their early days. and is it just my ears or i think i hear ot5 in the chorus. damn what wrong with me? why do i keep hearing ot5

9. Nine
Another heartbreaking song. I dont wanna write a review for this. i dont want toooooo

10.A song wihtout a name
well if i dont know what’s the lyric about at the first place, i would think this song is weird. yoochun rap + the chorus. doesnt blend well. it’s like you mixing chocolate and chillies. soft and sweet melody chorus mix with fierce rap = weird.

if you look at it the song that they wrote for the their full with..oh you stuff.

But overall This album is AMAZING. now tell me another kpop idol that could write song as amazing as they are…..well minus GD.

warning if you keep on read this you’ll die bcause jaejoong cute GIF

I always thoughtyunho was the oldest not Jaejoong so when i know Jaejoong is the oldest my reaction was like

This guy is F-L-A-W-L-E-S-S how could he be the oldest? :O

okay i’, just gonna spam some cute jae GIF

Dang i cried again when i watched this

let me hug them.

Dong Bang oppa, i promise i’ll be the fan that you will be proud of ^__^ and someday if TVXQ comeback as five again, this song is in my top 3 of song-i’ll-sing-for-tvxq list

oh and here is a fanmade video made for SG TVXQ fanmeet, i cried watching this too. her story is kinda similar to me and i started crying like a baby during the mkmf thingy.



I actually asked for the red one but i got the blue one instear..but..mehhh i got the album so just gonna enjoyyy it ;)

i’m so freaking lazy to take a picture..then upload’s a lot of work plus i left my camera in my locker at my boarding school (currently on vacation) so..this picture is courtesy of Mr google



but got this one instead, but still i’m happy *happy dance*


it also came with a poster..mine is the upper one. the poster is kinda’s like 2 times smaller than KYHD poster..but i’m not complaining just stating the fact. Happy with that poster thought. Yoochun is gorgeous.


plus you get a 40 PAGES PHOTOBOOK WITH LOTSA LOTSA GORGEOUS PICTURE. there’s this full page picture of yoochun..he was wearing a gorgeous formal attire and..when you look down………..he wore his infamous chun style…he was wearing a shoes with no sock -,- aigooo my prince chun. when will you wear sock? next time if you came to malaysia i’ll make sure to give you a pair of sock.

there’s this song call the boy’s letter.. and some fan mixed this song with how can i, and the output is like they’re singing as five again. and as a hard dying tvxq ot5 this song is like an official song to me.

it’s beautifuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuulllllllllllllllll *wiping my tears with a tissue*