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dang, forget to update about this *gomenasai* *bow*

To mark his solo K-Pop career after moving out from U-Kiss, Alexander made Malaysia his first destination in his path of evolving into an international artist. ‘Alexander LIVE in KL Solo Showcase 2011’ marks his first comeback with the debut of his latest, never before released digital singles. Not only will he be performing his latest singles, he will also be meeting and interacting with his closest fans, especially the members of his official fan club – Xanderettes.



Sunday, 18th December 2011




Cheras Leisure Mall, Kuala Lumpur

you dont wanna dissapoint xander arent you?

during the showcase he will performing a new single!!!! wanna be THE FIRST ONE WHO HEARS IT? . you dont wanna miss this chance!



for the concert details click here

Terms & Condition :
1. This lucky draw is open to the Rock Zone and P1 ticket holders who purchased their tickets before 31st December 2011.

2. Lucky draw is only allowed for full price purchase tickets – Rock Zone (RM468) and P1 (RM368). Ticket purchased at any discounted prices or offers is not eligible to participate in the lucky draw.

3. Each ticket purchased is eligible to ONE lucky draw only.

4. Each lucky draw winner is entitled to ONE admission to 2012 Play! FTISLAND Concert in Malaysia Meet The Fans Session.

5. To participate in the lucky draw, Type :
“2012 PLAY! FTISLAND MTF” [space] “YOUR FULL NAME” [space]
“NRIC”[space]“Ticket BAR CODE number”
and SMS to 012 329 8370

6. Lucky draw will be conducted by the Organizer on 3rd January 2012.

7. Winners’ name will be posted in on 5th January 2012.

8. Winners must claim their admission passes by 10th January 2012 from the Organizer‘s office. All unclaimed passes will be immediately forefeited.

9. Presentation of original tickets and MyKad is compulsory upon prize redemption.

10. Organizer’s decision on all matters related to the draw shall be final, binding and conclusive and no
correspondence will be entertained.

source and organiser

*updated with price and seat chart*

for FT Island Play! FTISLAND Concert in Malaysia Meet The Fans Session click here

WOOT WOOT WOTTTTT after the cancellation of Ft Island concert in 2007 now FT ISLAND IS BACKKKKKKK IN MALAYSIA FOR THEIT SOLO CONCERT

presenting ,drumroll please



14th January 2012


TIME : 8.30 p.m.

Price and seat chart

RM 468 – Rock Zone
RM 368 – Numbered Seats (p1)
RM 248 – Free Seating (p2)
RM 138 – Free Seating (p3)

How to buy the ticket?

online : go to this website

iLasso ticketing outlets

a. Rock Corner 1 Utama,
b. Rock Corner Subang Parade
c. Rock Corner Mid Valley
d. Rock Corner KLCC
e. Rock Corner The Curve
f. T-BREAK CAFE Menara Keck Seng
g. T-BREAK CAFE Quattro West
h. T-BREAK CAFE Dataran Kewang Darul Takaful
i. T-BREAK CAFE Menara Manulife
j. T-BREAK CAFE Kompleks Antarabangsa

k.Square roots SDN BHD . how to go to Square roots ?



p/s: i feel like killing Astro for because the fanmeet for Lee Dong Wook are only for 100 pair of people only (i feel like somehting wrong with this sentences but what is it? is it my grammar?)

It’s been a while since i update this thing ;) old news but for those who didnt know

so to all Kpop fan remain calm, cuz guess what? 2PM , B1A4 , f(x) , Miss A , Super Junior are waiting for you!!!!!!!


On 25 November


Great news for all K-Pop fans in Malaysia! The much-awaited Korean Boy Band is slated to take the stage of Stadium Negara on November 25th, at 8.30pm. Acclaimed as one of the top Korean idol concerts, 2PM is set to wet the stage with their sweat as they will be showing off their highly energetic dances at their inaugural live music concert in Malaysia!

One of the key features is the stage, which will include a glorified T-shape runway jutted out from the main stage onto the middle of the arena floor, allowing the band members to walk and get closer to the audience. The stage will be complete with amalgamation of lighting and video to give a full-fledge audio and visual enjoyment.

2PM struck fame with the releases of hit songs “Only You” and “Hottest Time of the Day,” and “Again & Again”. The group has released consecutive hit singles with powerful beats and choreography, which has earned them the nickname, “Beastly Idols.” Comprising of group members Junsu, Junho, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung and Chansung, 2PM has won the honor of “The Most Influential Star” and the “Daum’s Search Hot Star” awards in Mnet 20’s CHOICE awards 2010. Their latest single, “Hands Up,” has also swept various Korean music charts.

Presented by TM Everyone Connects, jointly organized by Star Planet and Hwa Yea Multimedia, tickets for are priced at RM 638 (Standing Rock Zone), RM 488, RM 388 and RM 188 (exclusive of RM3 processing fee).

Priority ticket launch is scheduled on October 8th at KL VIVA HOME from 2PM until 8pm. All TM customers will enjoy 20% discount if present the latest TM bill upon ticket purchase at the launch venue. Internet booking will be made available starting from ‘2PM’ as well.


On 3rd December

Mnet Live In KL

Mnet Live in Malaysia line up: Super Junior, Miss A, B1A4 and f(x)

Every one was so excited when news broke yesterday that the Mnet Live concert series is finally arriving in Malaysia. The kpop concert is jointly organized by CJ Entertainment, GF World and

Word has it that Mnet Live in Malaysia Concert will have Super Junior, f(x), Miss Aand B1A4. The concert is scheduled for 03 December 2011 and venue will be at Stadium MBPJ, Kelana Jaya.

Watch out for ticketing information soon.

So, are you excited? Which band are you most looking forward to watch live?

Ticket info:

Rock Zone and VIP – RM 480
Royal Zone – RM 380
Special Zone – RM 280
Free Standing (Left and Right Zones) – RM 180 and RM 250 (respectively)

Seating info:

i was thinking about buying the cheapest one (as i was saying, i’m kinda tight on money right now. but then i dont think i could see anything from there T,T *sob* *sob* i want to make sure my amber and my jia could hear me fanchant for them *sob* *sob*

When? :

7.30 PM

OK GIRL! (yes i’m singing B1A4 or Bilasa’s[kpop monday’s fan will know what i’m talking about] song) ,let’s buy the ticketttt

arent you excited ? im supermegafragilisticexpialadocious excited! XD


on 18th DECEMBER


click here for details

why not-so ? because i’m not their fan..and i hardly knew their name XD i only know Dongho. ;P

I arrived at Pavillion at 8 PM on the dot XP , at that time i thought that there’s no way i’m gonna get a great view to the stage.. but i got lucky ^_^”, i could see the stage CLEARLY

At first i thought it will be awkward, why? well i dont really know and memorize the fan chant and the song. I only know man man hani , 0330 , shut up and bingeul bingeul becausse these are their hit song and i thought they will be singing all of the song in their album (like jyj did).

okay back to the not so fan account.. so here is what i remember

-The showcase started at 8.15
-The MC talked too much =_=
-During the game two of the member was flirting with the fan by saying “come on baby~” . it was adorable!
-I discover that Eli likes to cook and dongho love angry bird. High five dongho! i’m addicted to angry bird too! :)
-There’s this one fan.. she won the dance competition..and all of the ukiss member hugged her , althougght i’m not their fan..but somehow i felt jealous XD
-Kevin talk A LOT
-This showcase was really..what’s the word again ? exciting, entertaining? because most of the member can speak english fluently so i kinda felt the connection. and dongho trying to speak english is super adorable

So here is what i remember during the show

-so i’m lucky cuz they only sing their hit song and i know all of their song..but i dont memorize the lyric thought XP the girl behind me must be a huge fan of ukiss..cuz she sing a-long to all of the song..and during the first song which is 0330 she cried. yes, CRIED. well i dont blame her. she must love ukiss so much

– During man man of the ukiss member teach us to fan chant..well sort of..hehe he only asked us to say “HEY” after the man man hani part XD

– Bingeul Bingeul, the energy that the boys put to dance this song was daebak :)

-Shut up; SEXAYYYYYY, VERY SEXY SONG. i almost had a nosebleed during this song (exageration)

So after they sing shut up..people are stating to go home because the showcase are over and the boys are having the autograph-taking picture session with the fans who bought the ticket on the stage.. and because people are starting to go home (for those who at the free area) so im able to get REALLY CLOSE TO THE STAGE.

DONGHO IS SUPER CUTE, he wear a ribbon thingy that a fan gave him, and kevin was REALLY REALLY FAIR and Kiseop..he’s hot REALLY HOT

That’s all! wait,you want picture? here is a sad story and i’m not making this up, before the fanmeeting, i had to attend my teacher’s wedding and i bought the camera when i got home around 3 PM ? i forgot to charge the battery, so during the showcase. the battery is officially dead , so i try to use my phone..and the picture look like crap.

so sorry no pictures.

*author note; dang so many grammar error and misspell words =,= [9th july 2011. 18:51 malaysian time]

It’s been a long time since i made a proper update about this..

so here ya gooo

10th June – UKiss
1st July – Beast

what you just miss.

28th May – Super Junior M (FOR FREE, DANG! =,=)
4th June – Jang Geun Seuk


To all Mykissme, you read it right Ukiss is coming!!!!

To all Shin Soo Hyun,Lee Ki Seop, Eli, AJ,Hoon ,Kevin and Shin Dong Ho fans here’s your chance to meet them ;D




Dinner With U-Kiss for Package650 : 3PM – 5PM, Daorae (yes,the infamous korean restaurant) ,Friday, 10th June, 2011
* Daorae is getting outside caterer which is a “halal” caterer to cater the food for Muslim fans

Fan meet & Showcase: Pavilion (Main Entrance) ,8.00pm – 10.30pm, Friday, 10th June, 2011


Originallly, there’s 4 type of package/ticket RM 480 , RM 650, RM 330 and RM 153 but for some reason…now it’s free. except for the RM 650 as it come with a package which is you get a chance to have dinner with UKISS (and redstar will reserve 1st and 2nd row seat for them) and the RM 480 ; it come with a package which you will have a group photo session after the showcase


credit; REDSTAR