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have to make another post for this XD

T/N; I only post the ranking that amuse me :) for the rest of ranking click hereee

Best Actor

1. Kazunari Ninomiya (Arashi) – 10 votes

2. Tsuyoshi Kusanagi (SMAP) – 5 votes

3. Tomoya Nagase (TOKIO) – 4 votes

4. Takuya Kimura (SMAP) – 3 votes

5. Junichi Okada (V6) – 2 votes

5. Satoshi Ohno (Arashi) – 2 votes

5. Ryo Nishikido (NEWS/Kanjani8) – 2 votes

Most athletic

1. Yuri Chinen (Hey! Say! JUMP/NYC) – 8 votes

2. Noriyuki Higashiyama (Shonentai) – 5 votes

3. Tatsuya Yamaguchi (TOKIO) – 4 votes

3. Masahiro Matsuoka (TOKIO) – 4 votes

5. Takahisa Masuda (NEWS) – 3 votes

Most spoilt

1. Yuri Chinen (Hey! Say! JUMP/NYC) – 10 votes

2. Ryo Nishikido (NEWS/Kanjani8) – 2 votes

2. Ryosuke Yamada (Hey! Say! JUMP/NYC) – 2 votes

2. Yuya Tegoshi (NEWS) – 2 votes

Talent with most number of hobbies

1. Junnosuke Taguchi (KAT-TUN) – 5 votes

2. Tomoya Nagase (TOKIO) – 4 votes

2. Shota Yasuda (Kanjani8) – 4 votes

2. Yuto Nakajima (Hey! Say! JUMP) – 4 votes

5. Taichi Kokubun (TOKIO) – 3 votes


1. Sho Sakurai (Arashi) – 9 votes

2. Yoshihiko Inohara (V6) – 3 votes

2. Shigeaki Kato (NEWS) – 3 votes

4. Kazukiyo Nishikiori (Shonentai) – 2 votes

4. Koichi Domoto (KinKi Kids) – 2 votes

4. Yuto Nakajima (Hey! Say! JUMP) – 2 votes

4. Kota Yabu (Hey! Say! JUMP) – 2 votes


FINALLY THE RESULT had been revealed yesterday. I was ROFLMAO reading their answer especially chinen. could he be any adorable? Chinen, we know you LOVE ohno just dont make it too noticable XD and it’s funny how the rest of H!S!J! member really want chinen to be no.1 for the most spoilt member! XDDD yeah we all know how chinen is spoilt esp by yamada. Yama-chan just cant help it but spoilt chi-kun~~

I cant help it but fangirling when ohno mention nino as the most spoilt member , i smell ohmiya ;D
Yes, sho is the smartest but he’s also the no.1 johnny’s with the most PHAILL moment LOL.

Junno with the most hobby? AGREEEEEEE!!! he love to do EVERYTHING haha

credit: momoedgeewood

out of topic:


i cant find any girl band that as awesome as them.THEY’RE AWESOMMEEEE


Otanjoubi omedetto Sho-kun ^0^
Sho is now officially 29!


eeeehhh i’m that old
dont worry sho. Your fans will aways love you and you’re still gorgeous anyway ;D

as i said sho is gorgeous XD

Now some news about JE boys~~

1. I just read that Arashi (especially ohno) are too old for Idol magazine like Pink , etc etc etc

My reaction…




nino, what’s your opinion about this?

I kill those who said my riida is too old!!!! i brought kenichi-san with me!


Riida maybe 30, but he looked like 13! XDDDD

EHHHH I’m to old?
yes, riida your too old for Idol magazine but not for an an XD i mean for me!

2.Meet Johnnys “Lord of Sexual Harassment”

My friend read this on Arama (it’s been a while since i visit that site).

There’s a new player in town, Meet Johnnys “Lord of Sexual Harassment”
There’s a not so nice rumor circulating about veteran-status Mr. M. from a certain talent agency known for having a lot of male idols.

M’s sexual harassment daimyo style remains the same as always with him saying “I wanna be popular with chicks!”

Continuing from last week, we’ve got another story from that famous male idol agency. We’re talking about their “not-so-popular,” already veteran status, Mr. M.

As always, his sexual harassment skills are on full display. Like usual, he’s constantly saying, “I wanna be popular with the ladies!”

Up until now he hasn’t been popular, and he won’t be popular from this point on…. Quietly sitting in the dressing room or the waiting room, give us a break!

As a member of that agency, it’s unusual to be disliked for such a long time. M is even getting hateful mistreatment from other groups as well.

“A” completely disregards him. If that agency really has such half-assed guys in it, it’ll be hard to get work. (All of this from stylist X-san who blabbed to Friday.)

If we’re talking about an agency with a lot of male idols, then all signs point to Johnny’s Jimusho, but whoever could the sexually harassing Mr. M. be?
If we line up all the idols with the initial “M” in order of age, we get:

Matsuoka Masahiro (TOKIO, 34)
Morita Go (V6, 31)
Miyake Ken (V6, 31)
Murakami Shingo (Kanjani8, 28)
Matsumoto Jun (Arashi, 27)
Maruyama Ryuhei (Kanjani8, 27)
Masuda Takahisa (NEWS, 24)
Morimoto Ryutaro (Hey! Say! JUMP, 15)

And if we’re not looking just at real names, there’s a possibility it could be the initial “M” for Kondo Masahiko (46)’s nickname “Matchy.”

We could maybe say that by looking at the ages, those with “veteran status” would be Matchy, Matsuoka, Morita, Miyake, Murakami, Matsujun, and Maruyama.

Next, who could be Mr. A. who has completely ignored Mr. M.?

Coincidentally, since we learn that “A has completely ignored M,” right before we see that “M is getting the silent treatment from other groups, it could be that “A” is a group name, in which case it’s natural to think of Arashi.

If it’s someone’s real name, then it could be Akanishi Jin, Aiba Masaki (Arashi), or Arioka Daiki (Hey! Say! JUMP).

From the hints it’s possible to make educated guesses, but we’ll still wonder who is Johnny’s Jimusho’s “Sexual Harassment Daimyo.”

Translator’s Note:
*Daimyou – Japanese feudal lord

I’m rooting for Maruyama-kun, but what do you think, arama?

Arama made a poll and guest what? the innocent ryutaro is winning! prince hamstaaaa ftw XD!

dont worry ryutaro-chan i still love you ;D

3. Jin’s new single cover

I WTH-ing when i saw his single cover for all type.

THEY’RE ALL THE SAME, they just change the colour oh except for the special one.

Just google the album lazy to save it then upload it.

I feel like switching back to Jpop, jpop fandom is more fun, crazy,more unique, more peace; less fanwar less drama but i’ll still love TVXQ thought ;)

I miss my chinen, my ryutaro, my yuto, my hey say jump, my arashi,my nino, my tegomass (esp tegoshi) my junno~ haha i’m such a JE fangirl XD

out of topic;

Postman-san~~~ where’s my Why(KHYD) album????? i’m gonna be crazy! Waiting is a painful thing ..especially wating for something awesome and aishhhh JYJ Music essay release date is being delay because there’s too many people pre-order it . SO that mean i have to wait longer for it..*sigh* oh well on the bright side, I CONTRIBUTE FOR THE DELAY!! is that a bright side? XD LOL

SO oricon ranking for 2010 years had been announced, ad it’s not a suprise the ranking was taken by storm
(okay that was a fail intro and the tittle had nothing to do with the post =___=)

what i’m trying to say’s not so suprise that Arashi is number 1 ;)

1. Arashi – ¥17.163 billion/¥17,163,000,000 (approximately $204,321,424)

2. Tohoshinki – ¥9.431 billion/¥9,431,000,000 (approximately $112,273,808)

3. AKB48 – ¥7.092 billion/¥7,092,000,000 (approximately $84,408,472)

4. EXILE – ¥6.015 billion/¥6,015,000,000 (approximately $71,590,096)

5. Ikimonogakari – ¥5.618 billion/¥5,618,000,000 (approximately $66,865,032)

my bias rule the ranking!

Arashi and Tohoshinki FTW! ^0^

oh why do i always be in love with awesome people *get bricked*

I really wish somehow..Arashi and TVXQ would do a collab or maybe nino and changmin would do a duet?

btw congratz to ikimonogakari ;) , they’re adorable and talented. they deserve to be no.5

the ranking for single top 10

1. “Beginner” – AKB48 : (954,283)
2. “Heavy Rotation” – AKB48 (713,275)
3. “Troublemaker” – Arashi : (698,542)
4. “Monster” – Arashi : (696,022)
5. “Ponytail to Shushu” – AKB48 : (659,959)
6. “Hatenai Sora” – Arashi : (656,343)
7. “Løve Rainbow” – Arashi : (620,057)
8. “Chance no Junban” – AKB48 : (596,769)
9. “Dear Snow” – Arashi : (591,207)
10. “To be free” – Arashi : (516,142)

i’m speechless. where are other people? it’s like japan only have 2 group. AKB48+Arashi rule japan this year

just for fun, to celebrate arashi awesome-ness. i present to you….*drumroll*

Ninomiya Kazunari-san!


LOL nino even with your round belly ,you’re still adorable XD

some ohmiya

PhotobucketRiida is MIIIIINEEEE – Nino


sometime i think that ohmiya is a force love and of course riida is the victim,hamburger hand will never be a victim. proof?


oh well i still love ohmiya

I Love this picture.

>___< *wavin ohmiya flag* if most cassiopeia crazy and delusional about yunjae and yoosu,i’m more fanatic and delusional about ohmiya ;P nothing can beat ohmiya skinship (they had KISS in PUBLIC and that’s a fact XD) even my fav pairing in tvxq jaemin *run before cassie kill me*

just marry and have kids already! fangirls wouldnt mind LOL





LOL ignore sho.

lastly, just enjoy my favourite video of yunjae (lol why yunjae so suddenly?)

 this video made yunjae seems so real ;D the way yunnie touch jae , and the way jae treat seems so sweet.

it’s funny that my min is stuck between those two lover XD

btw this year is the most suckiest year ever. avex milking toho like there’s no tommorow; realeasing 3 compilation album, blu-ray and dvd. geez avex, enough already. JE release 6 FREAKING SINGLE for arashi (usually it’s 3 or 4) wth is that? poor arashi and poor fangirls’ money. why JE did that? money? it’s not like arashi doesnt sell well, every year they topping the charts. they are ARASHI. =___=  and out of 6 only 3 of them i think deserve to be top 10 and this is came from a huge fan of arashi. why JE why?


source : oricon style + tokyohive.  HeavensWine5 @ youtube


On Fuji Television, the “2010 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships” will be broadcasted for 5 nights in a row, and Arashi member, Aiba Masaki has been chosen as a navigator for the championship, now for the 2nd year in a row.

This year, Aiba will go to Rotterdam where the championship will take place. He also visited the training grounds of Japan’s varsity team which was held in September, and interviewed them. Aiba commented, “I feel extremely high about it. I hope I can report something that you can only report from the actual site.”

Aiba will be in the Netherlands for the Fuji TV’s coverage of the Artistic Gymnastics World Championships 2010 from 16 till 24th october in Rotterdam .


My friend called me at 1 AM and she told me about Jin official leaving KAT-TUN. But suprisingly this news doesnt effect her at all (she’s kat-tun’s HUGE fan). She said that it’s Jin’s decision and the other members seems understand him and respect his decision. So if the members is calm and happy the fan should do the same.

In the past,Jin had left the group in 2006 (and they just had their debut)to study english at America but that was just for temporary. Now, he’s leaving for good to go solo. So now KAT-TUN is officially KaT-TUN as in A in KAT-TUN that represent Akanishi is being replace by KAmenashi.

Somehow, i’m kinda angry with Jin. It’s been 4 YEARS. I hope they will reach 5 years with 6 members at least . Arashi had a song for their anniversary ;10×5, I hope somehow Kat-tun will have 5×6 (if they reach 5th anniversary with 6 members) instead of a song like promise =_____= . And couldnt he (jin) like wait until their tour to be over and then leave? okay maybe AT LEAST after their concert at Tokyo Dome. Again, I’m not againts Jin and i’m still gonna cheer for him and kat-tun

Anyway, here is the news about Jin’s leaving.


Kame looked happy to me. So Akame is just a fangirl dream? *super heavy sigh* oh well at least i still have ohmiya ;D and my OT5; TVXQ

Oh yeah, i’m gonna miss Bakanishi Jin in Kat-tun.



gosh it’s been awile since i fangirling for Jpop group

Now~! Arashi brand new PV To be free!


Nino~~~ *______* i want Nino~~ XD

I’m free right now! My mom isnt at home. NO books! yaaaayyyy!!!well at least just for now.. =__= so I just gonna post some random things in my head.

1I hate the fact that Kim C is leaving 2D1N. Why Kim C??? Why?? I love you in 2D1N. I love your spacey character! 2D1N isn’t comeplete without you. IMO, Kim C is the ONLY member that isn’t really tring so hard to be noticed. 7-1 = 0 <– the simple equation that fangirl would do if a member leave.. but i respect your decision..
It seems like Jiwon is replacing Kim C place in Old Boy team.. i wonder what will happen to the dissapoint team after Jiwon married

2I just watch this video, 2AM seulong and some other guy that i dont regconize (sorry i’m not a fan) singing Hug
LOL the girls’ face was like “What dont know HUG LYRIC?? How could you??”
I thought iwas the only one who thinks that every korean know this song and it’s lyric (or maybe every obsess fangirl XD), It’s like not knowing Arashi’s A.RA.SHI (okay maybe not).

3I re-watch Hey! say! by Hey! say! 7 ( a temporary sub group from H!S!J). Hey say is my 1st H!S!J song. I kinda LOL-ing the whole time, Yuto and chinen high note voice WIN! I miss that voice!. Chinen was REALLY cute at that time with his hairstyle which i still think looks like Rukia’s (bleach) hairstyle. FYI, although i was 12 when i watch this, i still thought that chinen was younger than me XD, . So because of i thought chinen was younger than me, Daiki was my bias during that time ;D LOL . It’s still a mystery how Chinen became my bias..
I still think that he NEED to grow a little bit more, Changmin do u care to share the secret how to become really tall with chinen? and i really NEED to realise that Chinen is 2 years older than me =__=
credit : ryosue0509haruma

4I found Intoxication in HD!. Junsu-oppa you turn this innocent little kid into a pervert! XD I’m not really a pervert but Junsu is..junsu.. is just..irresistable?
credit: katnarakoat

TVXQ fighting!