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i change my theme AGAIN. tehee. just wanted to try something new ^____^

I was thinking of updating EVERDAY for this week but as usual when i wanted to update this blog as often as i want to there’s always a problem. But this time it’s my own fault hehehe ;P I got so many shopping to do so i kinda forgot what i had plan for this blog.

I wanted to show my KYHD poster, i took KYHD poster picture with my phone and guess what? SOMEONE STOLE MY PHONE >.< I HATE WHOEVER STOLE MY PHONE. That is SO not cool. SO then i did not have mood to take another picture of kyhd poster…mianhe..still mad to those who stole my cute lovely phone that i really really love. T_________T I want my phone backkkkk

Enough with the complaining, it’s not like if im complaining i’ll be getting my phone back =___=

Today i’m gonna introduce you to a Japanese comedian JINNAI TOMONORI-SAN!!!

I LOVE THIS GUY. I forgot where i used to watch him.. but i know i used to watch him when i was a little (okay maybe not so little..when i was 7-9? )

watch this and you gonna love him and want more of jin-san

one of my favourite is when he play a video game with a zombie where he has to rescue a girl. the zombies were really funny. One of the zombie even leave some dying message (like you always seen in some cheesy movie where some character gonna die and they ALWAYS gonna say something and after that they just die LOL) in the end the girl was UGLY so he shot that girl! XD

but i cant seems to find that video in youtube :( that one was really EPIC.

found it!

another of my favourite.

I LOVE THIS GUYYYYYYY, I wish i could fly to japan and kidnap him then force him to perform a new sketch for me everyday XD


Just yesterday i’m complaining about postman-san and today tadaaaaaaaaa


the back

I got yunnie card !!!


But heh Postman-san didn’t sent the poster, instead he said to me

Postman-san ; Miss, that tube thing..i’m sorry but you have to pick it up yourself
Me; eeehh?? wae? WHYYYYYY
Postman-san; My motorbike is full today..sorry, here’s the receipt ^_^
Me; =____= (curse yoouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu)

Oh well, tommorow that poster will be MINEEEE XDD

Out of topic;

The funny thing(or at least i thought it’s funny) is i had a farewell party today, and as i was putting on my shoes outside the house..postman-san CAME! my timing was perfect ne?

Oh and I had a superb time with my classmate before i go to SBP after school is open (currently on 1 week holiday for CNY! ^0^) got cake all over my shirt and face LOL CAKE is something for you to EAT not for you to splatter it on someone’s face.

Now, gonna wait for JYJ Music essay, Approx 2 Weeks more? *excited*

I’m not a Cassiopeia anymore

Posted: January 6, 2011 in In my head
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SM just open registration for Cassiopeia for the new “TVXQ”


But if right now being cassiopeia means to support only homin and forget the ORIGINAL TVXQ i’m sorry i cant. i’m not a cassie because i love my ot5. i cant choose side. i’m not a fan of Duo Bang shin ki/TWOhoshinki . I’m a fan of Kim Junsu,Park Yoochun,Kim Jae Joong, Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin.

i cant call myself a cassiopeia right now

I really wanna be selfish right now. Like jaejoong said, if right now being selfish is good for me than am i allow to be selfish althought it would hurt the one you love?

If the original Kcassiopeia leave cassiopeia and boycott Homin’s album…it may cause TVXQ to disband or cause SM to not care about TVXQ like what they did to CSJH, but i dont care anymore Right now my selfish side said it’s okay

I JUST CANT BEAR to see korea or Kpop lover forget TVXQ as 5 person. It’s better if people just remember the as 5 than just 2. It hurt so much and i’m just a kid.

Yunho oppa and Changmin oppa, It’s a good news to see you guys be able to sing again. I’m happy because of that. I really do.. but your fans are hurting because of it not just me but 700,000+++ of your fans are upset, they’re confuse me but they’re happy too and even bought your album just like me. I’m sorry if my decision will upset you. I will still buy your album and be Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin fan but i’m sorry i’m not a cassiopeia and i’m not a fan of “TVXQ”

i’m not the kind of person who blame people I believe in natural hardship (means hardship or something bad that happen is not because of someone or something cause it. it just just come naturally to teach you something) I believe this is a natural hardship but still


Google translator made my day.

Posted: December 14, 2010 in In my head
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I’m still laughing while i typing this.

Look at this. This is the original page of Tohoshinki Profile, Junsu’s profile


This is after i use google translator



This is when i’m grateful that i’m learning japanese and the fact that i’m a mareeshiajin! LOL.

BUT seriuosly Xiah/shia –> Malaysia? ROFLMAO

bonus: screen caps for tohoshinki main page


yeah i know, i already publish 3 post today

cant help it but to share this

14 Days to go!

Posted: December 11, 2010 in In my head
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Warning; this post is full of nonsense and fangirl stuff. Just press alt+f4 if u dont like fangirl stuff or delusional fangirl stuff,or both of it

I dont know why…but i’m starting to get SUPERMEGAEXTRA sensitive when it comes to tvxq.

I easily get upset when people knew micky,jae and su through JYJ and not TVXQ. I know it’s stupid right? and no it’s not because i’m homin fan. geezzzz do every fans that upset with JYJ’s stuff are homin’s fan and vice versa? i’m bias to YOOMIN. YOOMIN as in MICKY YOOCHUN and MAX CHANGMIN
(edit: see? this is what i mean…i get easily upset when it comes to this kind of stuff)

Blah. i’m ranting about TVXQ again =_____=

Anyway…let’s get delusional XD

Do you ever dream of marrying a SUPER-MEGA hot guy like changmin for example or a SUPER-ADORABLE guy with a dimple like yoochun?

For a girl like me who been raised with fairy tales and Enid Blyton’s book (oh wait Enid Blyton’s book doesnt have nothing to do with my delusional side.) i always wanted to marry a prince that look good in white (blame it on prince charming, he looked great in white)

Like this
>.< marry meeeeeee changmin

But then…as i grow up, i wanted to date a guy with a cute smile that made people go “awwwwww you’re lucky you have this guy” so that i can show off to all my friends LOL. okay, i lie. when you have a super cute/sper hot BF I DONT wanna show him to my friends as i’m afraid that they gonna seduce him XD

how i wish i get this guy to be mine

you know..sometimes i wonder how their parents looked like when they were young. They should be grateful toward their parents.

the truth is……………..

I actually doesnt have any ideas right now..what i just wrote up there was actually something random that popped into my mind, *get kick*

just whatever, let’s just enjoy this super cute video from JYJ’s malaysian interview..


actually no one say aku cinta padamu in malaysia (except for those super ultra cheesy drama) , people usually said, saya sayang awak.

the reason why i underline saya is…when people confess..they usually use formal words and aku is informal way to say I. In malaysia people dont use cinta, they usally use sayang. “Mu” is a short form for kamu. Except for the song “aku cinta kepadamu” nobody actually use aku cinta padam to confess.

when i saw that video, i faint like 2423514151 times…but just if they say “saya sayang awak” i’ll faint 3423514151. “saya sayang awak” sound 1000000 times more romantic.

See how out of idea i am? i even made a short note about Malay language XD

I’m gonna stop before i keep on writing some stupid stuff,

SO let’s enjoy this pic of yoomin before i say good bye


BYE! 14 Days to go XD

P/s: i just watch Narnia last’s kinda meeeehhh…and if they made a 4th one,i’m not sure im gonna watch it as for me i watch narnia because of peter,susan,edmund and lucy + WHY DO THEY PUT 18+ FOR SOCIAL NETWORK? i wanna see that movie so freaking bad

credit:hotxspress1 @ youtube + as tagged

15 Days to go!

Posted: December 11, 2010 in In my head

I’m a bad blogger.

This month doesnt go as i hope. I thought i can be super lazy this month (LOL) as in just eat,sleep and be a couch potato..but heh..everything doesnt go as i expected.

I have to study Japanese again and it’s harder than i expected, prepare for school next month (*sigh* WHY DO SCHOOL HOLIDAY HAVE TO END SO SOON? ) , Prepare some gift for my friends..althought i dont celebrate christmas…but they always give me gift for christmas,

I promise i’ll update soon ;)

15 days to go! ^0^

20 Days to go

Posted: December 6, 2010 in In my head

sorry i cant update this blog, I got some personal problem to take care of so updating for this week seems muri , impossiible right now =___=


Because of this problem i didnt went to Jay Park Fanmeet (i even got free ticket from my friend!), didnt stalk Kim hyun joong and didnt went to OU for that kpop thingy…it’s not like i’m complaining so the person who created this whole problem will feel guilty..but..okay yes i’m complaining *sigh*

i didnt have time to update right now…so ja ne,see you later

will update soon.

btw 20 days to go!