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Bye bye

Posted: January 1, 2012 in I forgot to put this in categories

To be honest i dont think i could keep up updating this blog. School is starting so back to my boarding school. oh well it’s not like anyone is following this blog right?

so yeah before i ultimately abandon this blog i’ll do a review on all TVXQ/JYJ album and HUG will be my last review and my last post in this blog ^____^

i may be back to this blog IF TVXQ is back as 5 again.


p/s: OH LOOKIE IT”S MY FIRST POST FOR 2012 ! *throws confetti to myself*

Click for the review. This is listed according to the date it being released.

Five In The Black
The Secret Code
The Beginning
In Heaven
Catch Me

as the songs for Their room and In heaven are just the same. i’ll give the link for the picture for their room insted of doing a review. well, their room isnt really an album..isnt it? click here


warning if you keep on read this you’ll die bcause jaejoong cute GIF

I always thoughtyunho was the oldest not Jaejoong so when i know Jaejoong is the oldest my reaction was like

This guy is F-L-A-W-L-E-S-S how could he be the oldest? :O

okay i’, just gonna spam some cute jae GIF

Calling all Malaysian cassiopeia , i have a VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY GOOD NEWS FOR YOU

Do scream now.

Do you want TVXQ to come here in Malaysia? here’s your REALLLLLLLYYYYYYYY golden oppotunity like REALLY GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY


remember how JYJ showcase at first it was a rumor then an official survey then it became the real THING.




i gave u a picture of cute jaejoong and cute changmin ;D

now dont dissapoint lord voldamin and do the survey!

Presenting, The king of Cassiopeia; the leader of asian sex god

U-Know Yunho ; Jung Yunho

he’s the best leader in the kpop world. TBH, i’m not criticizing another kpop group maybe i dont know their leader well enough (TVXQ is my ONLY MALE bias in kpop world) but in my observation Yunho is the most strict leader evaaahhhh.

He’s GREAT at public speaking (most of his relatives are attorney *wink) , if you see TVXQ’s interview he always know what to say it’s kinda different with jaejoong who-just-said-whatever-he-wants-but-that-makes-him-dorky :3 , I still remember in one press conference (means they have to be formal) one reporter asked him about any of TVXQ member who’s dating someone. He calmly gave his speech and satisfied the reporter wihtout gave the exact yes or no. Isnt he brilliant?

LOL jae and changmin. they’re soo gonna die after this.

seriuosly i want THIS guy to be my father-in-law. CHANGMIN, HURRY UP AND MARRY ME. He stand for his fan that he barely knew! ADSDFGHJKL I LOVE THIS GUY

Yunho is the kind of person who always wanna look manly. In the past, if any tvxq does the begging thing in a variety shows yunho ALWAYS scream “YAAHH BE A MAN” it means he wanted the members to accept the result as they are. But we all know he had this childish side of him who loves to do cute stuff, the aegyo thing. ;D

During SMtown interview, there’s one SuJu member said that Yunho is a very strict leader. He said that he once saw yunho yelling-in-a-good-way (dang there’s another word for this..i cant think of any right now will edit this later) to the THREE MEMBERS, there’s only this one member who yunho doesnt dare to do so (LOL I think eveyone know who is the one member)

He’s the father to TVXQ , he will always make sure all the member eat first before he eats and he always take a really good care of the maknae ;) even changmin doesnt deny that.

He had drink a glue, being blame for the split, always holding his tear to maintain the good image of a leader (everyone knows he never cry in public but always burst into tears on the backstage, leader-shi you CAN cry *i sound like nichkun just now*) , a VERY VERY VERY humble man (he bows 90 degree to rookie, the best asia group leader bow 90 degree to rookie .yes 90 degree)


changmin wanna add some more on how strict leader-shi is?

That’s how yunho the perfectionism works.

signing off with cute yunho


Posted: December 16, 2011 in I forgot to put this in categories

Are you guys have a blast on Xiah day?i have a great time with my friends. As usual on every TVXQ’s member day birthday i’ll do the same thing all over again ; go karoeke, buy TVXQ merchandise, eat cake (make sure it’s red)

but still i have fun LOL

too lazy to upload the pic~~ maybe when i had the enthusiasm to do so i’ll upload it later

oh btw have you guys watch yoochun ottogi ramyun cf. it’s so F*ckin cute XD

dang the kiss me’s too cute >.< I'll kiss you yoochun~~ anytime anywhere XD *get bricked*

oh and

10 freaking days to go

P/s: could you guys vote for TVXQ for the most popular asian for malaysian award.. PLEASE~~~~~

all you need to log on to facebook and click here

done! please vote form them and spread this~~~ this is a really popular award show in malaysia. so pretty please on cherry on top vote for this

*throws confetti*

お誕生日おめでとう ジュン ちゃん!!!!!!!
*oh i still remember my japanese XD

our jun chan is turnin 25 ;D how quickly my duckie has grow

from this

grrrr too cute. i just wanna bite him. jun-channnnn why so cute?

to this..

oh well no matter how cute our jun chan is or how sexy he is.. he still our duck butt ^__^

oh btw i’m gonna change my cellphone wallpaper to this especially for jun-chan ;D

hope you guys had fun on XIAH DAY and ZUNODAY!

Finally back in Malaysia after 5 days in Vietnam.

Vietnam was chaotic as usual, sometimes i wonder how the people could stand all the noises, the aint peaceful living in that kind of place. Oh well that’s what unique about Ho Chi Minh city i guess.. the city that full with motorbikes……and honking.

Vietnam to Malaysian is like how Malaysia to singaporean, we love to go there because shopping there is cheaper ;P dang just if vietnam is closer. My dad gave me like 300 USD(?) i brought 1 lugagge and return with 3 luggage XD. i tried to find any TVXQ’s Cd maybe it’s cheaper there..but *sigh* didnt found any. anyway i had fun ^__^




KODA KUMI os so gonna be a cute wife >.< dang. i'm currently imagining her in kimono and wedding dress.. oh this is gonna be epic!