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I’m currently catching up all the dong bang thing that i missed.

and currently i’m watching Miss Replay. all i can say is that drama is bloody amazing. EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH THAT DRAMA. for the first time i felt so angry and annoy for one’s character drama.i hate da hee’s character in miss replay so much that everytime i sees da hee and yoochun in the drama i will be like “yoochun open your eyes pleaseeeee she’s lying! she’s a bitch! SHE DOESNT LOVES YOUUUUUUUUU” -,-

this drama drives me crazy.

if you havent watch it, watch it now! it’s worth it and not because of yoochun. the storyline is damn good and the acting too.

oh and not to be miss yoochun <3 playing piano + singing the empty space for you. jang miri you dont deserve him *still in the i-hate-dahee's-character-mode*


Khuntoria is love

Posted: November 8, 2011 in Drama
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I know this kinda late but i JUST watch we got married (khuntoria’s part) all i can say is WHYYYY??? WHYYYY?? WHY??? WHYYYY IT HAS TO ENDD???? SERIUOSLY WHYYY???

they ARE just too cute, too adorable. i seriously wish they could be together FOR REAL. No, i dont want them to date each other. I WANT THEM TO GET MARRIED together. yes that’s how serious khuntoria has influence me.

the full of manner khun and the seriously perfect wife vic is just so perfect together.

what i observe is khun is the kind of guy who’s kinda possesive in a good way when it came to his girl. He gets jealous so easily which make it just too cute to handle. Victoria…well she’s like a normal girl, normal perfect wife; she’s shy, knows how to cook,motherly, hopes for some fairytale kinda fantasy;we all know khun is like prince so they’re just match other so well.

i remember during the last episode, vic saying something like ; this is like cinderella..after 12 PM i have to give back all i have..our car, our home, my prince…. T_T
but nichkhun look at her and dont need to give back your prince, cinderella get to keep her prince remember ? *biting my pillow for overload cuteness*

the last episode is just too sad, nichkhun really dont want it to end. during the interview he said something like ; sometimes i’m confuse is this real or just virtual marriage…….but if i could i want this to be real *biting my pillow*

i watched WGM with my tomodachi, and they said vic’s personality is the same as me but minus the can cook part -,-
so nichkhun marry me! *bow* XD

#runaway before changmin find out i cheat on him

Are you a fan of Japanese Drama ? if yes, you must have watch Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Hege, Atashinchi No Danshi and Yukan Club

So here a question for you, What are the similarity between those three drama ? other than it have hot boys in it and JE boys of course =____=

1,2,3 teng !. Time’s up!

The answer is they use the same castle!

I think many have knew this already but just wanna share to those that doesnt know this.

Yukan Club
Atashinchi No Danshi
Yamato nadeshiko shichi Henge
and in another drama that i havent watch LOL

TBH, i always thought the castle was fake as in they built just for temporary when i watch Atashinchi no danshi XD but when i watch yamato i was like “EEEHHHH CHOTTO…. isnt that TRICK HEART CASTLE ??” . So ,i did some research and found this website

so i’m not the only who notice tehee


okay i know i suppose to be on hiatus but i dont care this news is just too good to not to share

I just checked KBS world OFFICIAL website and guess what? They gonna air SKK on 11 October XD


and 11 october is just after my exam is done!

Imagine watching yoochun half naked in your TV! this is just too good to be true XD

I just want to scream and jump like there’s no tommorow now.
*continue to scream*

source: KBS world
bye :)

Oh-My! I’m excited >.< .
Yoochun drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal will be aired through KBS2 (same as Changmin's drama)

If Chunnie's drama will be aired at KBS2, the chances that it will be also aired at KBSworld is high! XD *SCREAAAAAMMMM*

Let's pray that chunnie drama will be aired at KBSworld shall we ^_~

Having already confirmed Jung Da Young, Yoochun and Song Joong Ki for the new drama, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, it was further revealed on the 13th that it will be aired on KBS2TV this autumn in Korea.

This was confirmed by the production company as they revealed that the scheduled airing date is fixed for September through KBS. The official website was also launched today which revealed the comic characters of the main leads, F4 who will be the focus of the drama. Filming will begin at the end of May

Credit : Allkpop

TVXQ fighting!
Yoochun fighting!

Dont forget to watch No Limit at 8TV! Support U-Know!

Forget how boring it is, just watch it for Yunho’s sake! ;P
Maybe 8TV will show more of TVXQ drama if this drama get a high ratings

TVXQ fighitng! Yunho fighting!
AKTF, Hope to the end