[Review] TVXQ – Catch Me Album

Posted: February 18, 2013 in Reviews
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Mine is the black one, wanted the red one though *sad me is sad*

This album cost me RM 80 plus tube for poster,which is pretty cheap compare to other dong bang album. KYHD cost me RM110 and they are in the same size, and KYHD album (mine is normal version) is made up of like card board material? and this one (catch me) is made up of some kind of fabric material. So yeah i’m satisfied.

the poster is SUPER MEGA GORGEOUS. it has this elegant feeling in it.

credit for picture is as tag. im too lazy to upload mine cuz it’s take a lot of work. *get bricked*

oh and i got CHANGMIN card. FOR THE FIRST FREAKING TIME. all these while i always got Yunnie’s card as shown in this post

So this album contains 11 songs

1. “Catch Me”
2. “인생은 빛났다 (Viva)”
3. “Destiny”
4. “비누처럼 (Like a Soap)”
5. “I Don’t Know (Korean ver.)”
6. “꿈 (Dream)”
7. “How Are You”
8. “Getaway”
9. “I Swear”
10. “Gorgeous”
11. “Good Night”

1. Catch me
To be honest, i’m not a fan of this song. but i dont hate it. it just i felt like they deserve a better song than this for their comeback. Song like “How Can I..” is nice. I dont get the whoile dutch feeling lol, i mean they are making a comeback in korea right? so why do they need to have a dutch feeling song as a comeback? it’s just my opinion. I’m their fan. *hides in cave* but then our boys always get the experiment kind of song *CoughOJungBanHap,TriAngle,MiroticMaximumcough* and still they ace it.

2.인생은 빛났다 (Viva)
Their voice is super sexaayyyy, the beat ,the feeling is just sexyyyy. Homin is coming in malaysia, I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to see them dancing to this song. it just, this song scream sexaayyy especially changmin’s voice. oh god. earporn.

sexy isnt it?

This song reminds me of “Beautiful you” their japanese song in their 4th album “The secret code” and this song is good too. The cheesy-serenade kind of song, i bet this song sounds better in live too :3

4.비누처럼 (Like a Soap)
hmm…this is cute. the melody is cute. Happy vibe is written all over this song.it’s just this song is the type of TVXQ during their early days.the chessy cute kind of song and they’re 25 and 26 now. not hating, i like this song. but not into it too much though

5. I Dont Know.
Korean version -..- Japanese FTW.

6.꿈 (Dream)
My reaction for this song was “OH GOD THIS IS SO JAPANESE ANIME OST KIND OF SONG” hahaha
You need to listen to this song and you know what i mean.

and i end up singing this words whenever i’m bore wihtout no reason

One like a fire, Two like i’m dreaming

catchy song is catchy.

7. How are you
ahhhh the classic TVXQ ballad kind of song. Relaxing. just lovely. homin voices blend so nice in this.

and yay now i know how to say how are you in korean *feeling proud*

jal jinaeni jal jinaeni

8. Getaway
first reaction :

it sound so rock-ish. so Tri-angle. hahaha. changmin voice is daebak especially during the high note part. HIS HIGH NOTE ALWAYS KILLs ME. CHANGMIN HIGH NOTE IS THE HIGHLIGHT OF THIS SONG. OH BABY CHANGMIN I LOVE YOUUUU. but yunho’s nasal voice, isnt really made for this kind of song. sorry yunnie. I love you.

9.I Swear

OUR MAKNAE WROTE THIS SONG, IT REALLY SOUNDS LIKE HE’S IN LOVE.i rarely love korean slow ballad, but this song is an exception. Changmin’s voice in the chorus, really touches my heart and not to forget Yunho’s voice during the bridge. oh god i’m in love with this song. My baby changmin is following JaeChun footsteps of writing beautiful song. I just hope you wont get chunnie’s habit of putting random english word.

(Love U) eodumi dagawado(Love U) baby I Love U, Thank U(Thank U)
naega neol anajulge(Love U) baby I Love U, Thank U(Thank U)
eodumi dagawado(Love U) baby I Love U, Thank U(Thank U)
Baby, I swear Forever

Yes, I’m forever in love with Shim Changmin, Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu and Jung Yunho.

Autotune kind of song always piss me off. i love them, i love their voice. so when SM autotune their voice, i feel like punching someone in the face.

This song is the usual dance kind of song, it has this rain-with-some-superjunior-song kind of feeling in it. or is it just me? not really into this song. it’s just a okay kind of song

11.Good Night

I LOVE THIS SONG. their voice, the lyrics, the melody. ALL OF IT I LOVE IT.

it has those ot5 feeling that i crave for. if you’re not an ot5 fan. i’m sorry but i’m going to put some ot5 thing in this. to be honest i swear if this has ot5 voice it will be perfect. it need yoochun cheesy serenade voice at the end when yunho said good night. i love yunho but yoochun always wins when it comes to cheesy line, with junsu husky screaming dolphin voice. and some jaejoong’s voice blends with yunho during the second verse.

yes i’m an ot5 fan that still stuck in the past. it’s not illegal to dream.


This album is not bad, it’s not like their other Korean album that ALWAYS left me with a boring sad ballad. This album is a gem, no kidding. i love this one. This come from a person who loves japanese song more than korean. so yeah i guess that prove something. hahaha.

4.5 out of 5?



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