[Review] Tohoshinki – Five In The Black Album

Posted: February 14, 2013 in Reviews

It’s been ages, AGESSSSS since i visited this blog so yeah to fulfilled my promise of doing review of all TXVQ’s album that i owned, therefore i’m writing again :) *yaay?* hahaha

Mine is CD+DVD and it was 2nd press, and yeah sucks to be malaysian, japanese album always burn my pocket with no mercy -..-

This one cost me for like RM 90 , mind you i’m still a lower form student at that time spending RM90 for an album is a big deal. for the sake of toho i’ll do anything

My version contain 13 songs

1. “Zion”
2. “Sky”
3. “Begin”
4. “Choosey Lover”
5. “Dead End”
6. “High time”
7. “Proud”
8. “Yakusoku” ((約束 lit. Promise?))
9. “Miss You”
10. ““O” -正・反・合”
11. “I’ll Be There”
12. “Step by Step”
13. “Hello Again”

Five in the black was their 2nd Japanese album after Heart, Mind and Soul. It was release in middle/early 2007.

well for 2007 kind of song this song is great but for 2013 this song is ……. *runaway from cassie* haha
this is the ordinary early Toho kind of song, catchy tune and catchy song. and that’s it.

If you havent heard Sky, and dont bother call yourself a die hard toho fan, lol just kidding. This song made toho more noticeable among Japanese. you may say this song is an icebreaker for toho and their japanese fan. This song was pretty big back then. Big for our toho that is

it started with yoochun’s engrish :3 and yunho’s nasal rap haha i love yunho’s rap who could hate it? if i didnt knew the lyric i would be thinking that yunho said something like

The Crusty grass and the coo coo face
I’ll bend thing as a gift to you

HAHAHAHA okay dont kill me,
This is one of Toho timeless song. It’s 2013 and i still listen to this song.*wink



It started with yoochun soothing voice blends with changmin’s, and then changmi’s and junsu and then BAM! the chorus by jaejoong

“Every day and night~~~ with youuuuuu”

Lovely, just lovely . Timeless just Timeless.

Choosey lover

changmin was illegal to sang this song during 2007. fullstop. hahaha watch the MV you’ll end up jawdropping of how cute they are tryin to look all cool, and serenade those girls in a club. changmin you aint 18 in 2007.

anyway, this song is one of those nostalgic Toho song that will make you smile everytime you heard it.

Dead End
Changin voice in this. Daebak.

Not much i could say about this song. it’s not a really Wow kind of song and it’s not a meehh too

High time
*dances* I love this song ~(*_*)~

It made me wanaa dances especiallt the chorus. this song had this relaxing kinda feeling. idk but one thing i’m sure i love the beat, i love this songgggg


Brb, hashtag crying,

*wipe tears*

Proud is a song they dedicated it to their fans, because well they’re proud of us. That image of junsu crying while singing this is still stuck in my mind. oh god i think i’m gonna cry again.

Yakusuko in english means promise fyi

Lovely ballad, and Yunho’s and yoochun’s harmonization work GREAT in this song. This calm ballad, will made you smile for no reason. it’s just that lovely. my favourite part of course the chorus sung by jae :3

On sunny days or rainy days
I’ll stay by your side and protect you
the two of us will get through it
yakusoku~~ (i promise)


Miss you

i dont…..like,,,this..song. *hides*

it sounds too korean for a japanese song. lol does that even make sense? maybe it’s just me

O 正・反・合 , O Sei.Han.Go

for some reason i love the japanese version more. In japanese idk it sounds more soft. hahaha

I’ll be there

I’m not crazy about this song, but this song isnt that bad. it’s just it doesnt have that “wow” factor. then again i’m not a ballad person. i guess that’s why i rarely fall in love with their korean album *get bricked*

step by step

Cute song. period. another Toho nostalgic song.
I keep finding myself smiling like an idiot everytime i listen to this song.

now here’s a cute video.

Hello Again

Hello Again is one of those song that sounds really awesome in Live.

just if everyone undestand japanese, this will be kinda like those song i would sing during graduation, the lyric are just beautiful :3

in a nutshell the whole album is just, cute. lol it’s their 2nd album and it’s in 2007 what did you expect. i dont hate the songs in this album, but this album doesnt have those Priceless feeling. just it have those nostalgic, toho early days feeling :3 cassie will understand my feeling. i think. hahaha

i gave this 3.5/5 *runaway*


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