Bye bye

Posted: January 1, 2012 in I forgot to put this in categories

To be honest i dont think i could keep up updating this blog. School is starting so back to my boarding school. oh well it’s not like anyone is following this blog right?

so yeah before i ultimately abandon this blog i’ll do a review on all TVXQ/JYJ album and HUG will be my last review and my last post in this blog ^____^

i may be back to this blog IF TVXQ is back as 5 again.


p/s: OH LOOKIE IT”S MY FIRST POST FOR 2012 ! *throws confetti to myself*

Click for the review. This is listed according to the date it being released.

Five In The Black
The Secret Code
The Beginning
In Heaven
Catch Me

as the songs for Their room and In heaven are just the same. i’ll give the link for the picture for their room insted of doing a review. well, their room isnt really an album..isnt it? click here

  1. gon says:

    just asking,
    as a fan girl of dbsk, what you would like for birthday present?

  2. samohty says:

    for TVXQ to be as 5 again? haha if i got their albumas a prsesnt is fine. a poster is fine. TVXQ photobook is fine too basically just buy anything that have lotsa lotsa gorgeous picture of them in it….just dont buy a lingerie with their faces. that willl be…. kinda awkward and just too much

  3. gon says:

    lol, of course i wont buy lingerie. thats too much. im thinking of 3hree voices photobook. is it ok?

  4. samohty says:

    sorry for late reply i rarely visited this blog. 3hree voices photobook? :O that is so NOT ok THAT IS AWESOOOMEEEEEEEE i bet the person you gonna give to gonna cry with happiness :)

  5. gon says:

    thanks for the reply..
    dah order 1 photobook tu..hehe

  6. hye..
    if anyone interested with dbsk/jyj’s stuff..can email me..
    i want sell a few my collection.. 2nd hand stuff..but still in good condition..
    like bonjour paris photobook(hongkong ver)=rm280
    micky yoochun youth photobook=230
    jyj the beginning limited edition(with t-shirt)= rm180
    dbsk 3rd concert dvd= rm150
    dbsk 4th tokyo dome concert dvd= rm100
    keep your down album(cd)= rm55
    magazine like ANAN(JJ cover)=rm30, 1st look(Homin cover)=rm20 n hv a few more magazine..
    goodies like tvxq bag-(rm30), tvxq lightstick(rm15), yunho evisu t-shirt-L size(rm35) and etc..
    u can email me for details and pictures.. ..
    and tell me what u want..maybe i can get it.. tq..

  7. ashley says:

    Please please resume this blog? i love your reviews! :'(

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