Countdown to TVXQ 8th Anniversary – It’s all about the leader

Posted: December 19, 2011 in I forgot to put this in categories
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Presenting, The king of Cassiopeia; the leader of asian sex god

U-Know Yunho ; Jung Yunho

he’s the best leader in the kpop world. TBH, i’m not criticizing another kpop group maybe i dont know their leader well enough (TVXQ is my ONLY MALE bias in kpop world) but in my observation Yunho is the most strict leader evaaahhhh.

He’s GREAT at public speaking (most of his relatives are attorney *wink) , if you see TVXQ’s interview he always know what to say it’s kinda different with jaejoong who-just-said-whatever-he-wants-but-that-makes-him-dorky :3 , I still remember in one press conference (means they have to be formal) one reporter asked him about any of TVXQ member who’s dating someone. He calmly gave his speech and satisfied the reporter wihtout gave the exact yes or no. Isnt he brilliant?

LOL jae and changmin. they’re soo gonna die after this.

seriuosly i want THIS guy to be my father-in-law. CHANGMIN, HURRY UP AND MARRY ME. He stand for his fan that he barely knew! ADSDFGHJKL I LOVE THIS GUY

Yunho is the kind of person who always wanna look manly. In the past, if any tvxq does the begging thing in a variety shows yunho ALWAYS scream “YAAHH BE A MAN” it means he wanted the members to accept the result as they are. But we all know he had this childish side of him who loves to do cute stuff, the aegyo thing. ;D

During SMtown interview, there’s one SuJu member said that Yunho is a very strict leader. He said that he once saw yunho yelling-in-a-good-way (dang there’s another word for this..i cant think of any right now will edit this later) to the THREE MEMBERS, there’s only this one member who yunho doesnt dare to do so (LOL I think eveyone know who is the one member)

He’s the father to TVXQ , he will always make sure all the member eat first before he eats and he always take a really good care of the maknae ;) even changmin doesnt deny that.

He had drink a glue, being blame for the split, always holding his tear to maintain the good image of a leader (everyone knows he never cry in public but always burst into tears on the backstage, leader-shi you CAN cry *i sound like nichkun just now*) , a VERY VERY VERY humble man (he bows 90 degree to rookie, the best asia group leader bow 90 degree to rookie .yes 90 degree)


changmin wanna add some more on how strict leader-shi is?

That’s how yunho the perfectionism works.

signing off with cute yunho


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