Posted: December 16, 2011 in I forgot to put this in categories

Are you guys have a blast on Xiah day?i have a great time with my friends. As usual on every TVXQ’s member day birthday i’ll do the same thing all over again ; go karoeke, buy TVXQ merchandise, eat cake (make sure it’s red)

but still i have fun LOL

too lazy to upload the pic~~ maybe when i had the enthusiasm to do so i’ll upload it later

oh btw have you guys watch yoochun ottogi ramyun cf. it’s so F*ckin cute XD

dang the kiss me darling.it’s too cute >.< I'll kiss you yoochun~~ anytime anywhere XD *get bricked*

oh and

10 freaking days to go

P/s: could you guys vote for TVXQ for the most popular asian for malaysian award.. PLEASE~~~~~

all you need to log on to facebook and click here

done! please vote form them and spread this~~~ this is a really popular award show in malaysia. so pretty please on cherry on top vote for this


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