Posted: December 8, 2011 in I forgot to put this in categories
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firstly *happy dance*

FINALLY I HAD BOUGHT TONE ;D it cost me fortune. My pocket had to suffer a third degree burn to buy this album XD

I bought Type B. i cant afford type A T___T but then if you compare all the type.. i love the cover for type B the most ;)


there’s actually like some little photobook in this album and a card. and again i got leader shi card

i think i had some sort of fate with leader-shi..i always got his card.. and so far i got 3 leader-shi card! LOL

When i got home…i just realise this..i ordered JYJ In Heaven in RED but got the BLUE one instead and for Tone I bought type B which is blue and if i had some money i would buy type A which is also RED

kore wa no destiny?
HAHA anyway AKTF ;)


18 days more


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