loving Miss Ripley :)

Posted: December 4, 2011 in All about TVXQ, Drama, Reviews
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I’m currently catching up all the dong bang thing that i missed.

and currently i’m watching Miss Replay. all i can say is that drama is bloody amazing. EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH THAT DRAMA. for the first time i felt so angry and annoy for one’s character drama.i hate da hee’s character in miss replay so much that everytime i sees da hee and yoochun in the drama i will be like “yoochun open your eyes pleaseeeee she’s lying! she’s a bitch! SHE DOESNT LOVES YOUUUUUUUUU” -,-

this drama drives me crazy.

if you havent watch it, watch it now! it’s worth it and not because of yoochun. the storyline is damn good and the acting too.

oh and not to be miss yoochun <3 playing piano + singing the empty space for you. jang miri you dont deserve him *still in the i-hate-dahee's-character-mode*


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