In love with IN HEAVEN

Posted: September 16, 2011 in All about TVXQ
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SOOO JYJ and HOMIN gonna release ALBUM at the same time AGAIN. and AGAIN while i’m kinda tight with money. fangirls need money for other things too . Thanks Dong Bang boys you guys are great at making my money dissapear :)

But as a crazy fan, i’ll buy the album anyway ;P okay but not both album at the same time =.= i will only buy the cheaper one which is JYJ’s.. HOMIN ALBUM COST FOR LIKE RM200! WTH AVEX ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL THE FANS ? DONG BANG ALBUM NEVER COST THAT MUCH BEFORE #curseyouavex.

okay okay change the topic. enough about the’s now about the mv; JYJ IN HEAVEN MV!

JUNSU IS JUST BLOODY HANDSOME. okay now i acknowledge his charisma, and all cassie shall wait for Junsu’s drama because he’s GREAT at acting XD

oh yeah why do they always release album at the same time ? #imthingkingtoomuchagain

  1. moomoo says:

    Hi there! I am a fan of both HoMin and JYJ (basically TVXQ5) and I enjoy reading your blog!

    Just want to let u know that the Tone album will have a korean version, which will be a lot cheaper than the Japanese version. Like the “red” colour one, it should cost about 30 per cent of the price of the J-version. I am going to get the K-version too, although it will not be able to help them get into those music chats in Japan. :P

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