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As you can see just from my blog you’ll know that i’m a crazy fangirl who love kpop and jpop..but today i’m gonna show you the non kpop side of me ^0^

What other NON-Kpop/Jpop artist that i’m crazy about?

The reality is if you know me in real life, you’ll know me as SIMPLE PLAN’S and BRUNO MARS’ fan than TVXQ’s fan. weird huh? well not really.

You see TVXQ’s song is in a language that i dont know, you have to admit when you’re boring and you want to sing something..you tend to sing in a language that you know…right? I always ALWAYS sing to bruno mars and simple plan song ;)


and for bruno mars..singing to LAZY SONG is a norm to me ;P

I grew up with simple plan. My sister is a HUGE fan of them..so it kinda influence me to love them as well. I mean who can resist simple plan's song?They are just AWESOOMMMMEEEEEE, My favourite song in their No Pads, No Helmets…Just Balls
album is of course I'm Just A kid and Perfect. WHO DOESNT LOVE PERFECT ? Perfect is my all time favourite !

and their second album still not getting any is my favourite album from them. Untittled is just amazing. I love singing to shut up whenever i'm piss off, singing to welcome to my life when i'm down,singing Crazy when i'm feeling hyper, singing promise whenever i feel like singing to a fast-love song.
Who's my favourite member in SP? I used to like Pierre (it's the normal,new fan will love the main vocal first thing) but now i'm Jeff's fan LOL he's adorable in his own way ;D

I just love simple plan! Simple plan is like a part of my childhood just like TVXQ

and well for bruno mars..his songs are addictive and catchy :)

p/s ;oh well i admit it sometimes i do singing to tvxq song when i'm bore..but just not as often as SP or bruno
mars song.

pp/s; I still cant find Get your heart on anywhere :((


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