Telisha Shaw, the new cassiopeia/jyj fan victim ?

Posted: June 7, 2011 in I forgot to put this in categories
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I think majority of jyj fan know who telisha shaw is. No? well she’s the infamous jyj’s dancer. She’s famous because she tweet about jyj (mosltly junsu) and sometimes post pic bout jyj (mostly junsu). and she loves our baby su. She even made a youtube account called telixiah.

I like this girl. To me she’s just like another just she’s got lucky that she be able to work with jyj and dance with them.

But…just recently she made a song called our secret that made (some) cassiopeia/jyj fan angry..really angry.


well first you need to listen to the song.

the lyric click here

and no. not because the song is lame or whatsoever. it because of the lyric.

The fans assume that the boy he talking about is junsu. why? well duh isnt it kinda obvious..

Who would have thought
When we met in L.A.
We’d be together,
All day, everyday
Now here we are
Overseas like super stars
Everybody knows who you are
Everybody knows who you are

junsu and her met for the first time whe jyj doing the beginning showcase in LA..and junsu is famous..that explain the everybody knows who you are and overseas like super stars part.

and is it just jealousy that made cassie mad? well no because of this part too

Poor groupies, we make ‘em so jealous


well cassie assume that the groupies = cassiopeia :)

so now we even have a hate group for her

and here

it’s kinda funny that if we hate someone do we really made a facebook page XD

my opinion….okay so what if she’s really dating junsu? i approve it. what’s wrong with it?

really cheesy fangirl comment from me; If oppa is happy, i’m happy :)

isnt it enough already that cassiopeia had flooded junho’s tweeter and cause him to shut his account?..ooohh come onnnnnnnn stop hurting people around junsu.


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