Jinnai Tomonori , gotta love this guy

Posted: February 4, 2011 in In my head
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i change my theme AGAIN. tehee. just wanted to try something new ^____^

I was thinking of updating EVERDAY for this week but as usual when i wanted to update this blog as often as i want to there’s always a problem. But this time it’s my own fault hehehe ;P I got so many shopping to do so i kinda forgot what i had plan for this blog.

I wanted to show my KYHD poster, i took KYHD poster picture with my phone and guess what? SOMEONE STOLE MY PHONE >.< I HATE WHOEVER STOLE MY PHONE. That is SO not cool. SO then i did not have mood to take another picture of kyhd poster…mianhe..still mad to those who stole my cute lovely phone that i really really love. T_________T I want my phone backkkkk

Enough with the complaining, it’s not like if im complaining i’ll be getting my phone back =___=

Today i’m gonna introduce you to a Japanese comedian JINNAI TOMONORI-SAN!!!

I LOVE THIS GUY. I forgot where i used to watch him.. but i know i used to watch him when i was a little (okay maybe not so little..when i was 7-9? )

watch this and you gonna love him and want more of jin-san

one of my favourite is when he play a video game with a zombie where he has to rescue a girl. the zombies were really funny. One of the zombie even leave some dying message (like you always seen in some cheesy movie where some character gonna die and they ALWAYS gonna say something and after that they just die LOL) in the end the girl was UGLY so he shot that girl! XD

but i cant seems to find that video in youtube :( that one was really EPIC.

found it!

another of my favourite.

I LOVE THIS GUYYYYYYY, I wish i could fly to japan and kidnap him then force him to perform a new sketch for me everyday XD


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