TVXQ Why (Keep Your Head Down) – (1st Press) Normal edition album

Posted: January 31, 2011 in In my head, Kpop stuff
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Just yesterday i’m complaining about postman-san and today tadaaaaaaaaa


the back

I got yunnie card !!!


But heh Postman-san didn’t sent the poster, instead he said to me

Postman-san ; Miss, that tube thing..i’m sorry but you have to pick it up yourself
Me; eeehh?? wae? WHYYYYYY
Postman-san; My motorbike is full today..sorry, here’s the receipt ^_^
Me; =____= (curse yoouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu)

Oh well, tommorow that poster will be MINEEEE XDD

Out of topic;

The funny thing(or at least i thought it’s funny) is i had a farewell party today, and as i was putting on my shoes outside the house..postman-san CAME! my timing was perfect ne?

Oh and I had a superb time with my classmate before i go to SBP after school is open (currently on 1 week holiday for CNY! ^0^) got cake all over my shirt and face LOL CAKE is something for you to EAT not for you to splatter it on someone’s face.

Now, gonna wait for JYJ Music essay, Approx 2 Weeks more? *excited*


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