Introducing Dong Bang family

Posted: January 30, 2011 in I forgot to put this in categories
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I dont get it why some cassie hate karam so much. We should be proud if Karam really want to copy jae. It means Jae is really awesome :)

If fangirls/fanboys try too copy jae, people think it’s cool so why cant karam?

To me Karam is YunJae SECOND LOVE CHILD XD who’s the first one? Changmin of course :)

fyi, Yunho is my father in-law and Jae is my mother in law ;D

In my Head/my delusional world, TVXQ is a family that looks like this


Muahahaha XD

out of topic;

Finally i found Heaven Postman after almost 2 years trying to find it!

gonna watch it tonight ;DD *excited*

Talking about postman,the postman-san still doesnt arrive TT___TT postman-san hayaku!!! i want my album~~

P/s: Kat-tun ultmiate wheel PV is <3 ride on ride one ride on ride on XD that song officially stuck in my head

  1. nina lee says:

    jae is your mother in law?
    so cute!
    omg..u r super cute school girl!
    i dunno if you remember me as jae bias or not..
    but i havent seen heaven postman yet..
    but i do watch the kiss scene only..
    it was shit after watching it..
    i got brilliant legacy poster that my fren gave me..
    han hye joo was in that poster..
    i write an arrow toward her witten ” she kissed my love”
    then i put it in front of me everytime i do sit ups!

    silly 20 years old me rite?

  2. samohty says:

    yes, i still remember that’s so cute XD you remind of my friend.. she cut every single picture of jae from magazine and newspaper..and write he’s mine he’s mine he’s mine lol

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