Kim Jaejoong is 25 years old!

Posted: January 26, 2011 in I forgot to put this in categories
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ジェジュンくん ,

I didnt do anything for jae birthday this year..i didnt buy/eat any cakes, curse you school work =___=

Our jejunggim is 25 western/26 korean this year!!!! I still remember he said he wanted to get married when he’s 27, which is next year according to korean system of counting age. Omo omo so does that means he’s currently searching for someone right now?

I wanna see little jae!!!!!!! >____.<

out of topic;

I got an offer to continue my study at SBP (it’s kinda like a prestigous boarding school). As it’s a boarding school; I dont have any internet connection, I cant bring my handphone…*sigh* i cant live with those two!!! oh and I have to bring things that will remind me of dong bang and arashi XD. Some of the things are

1.elephant keychain; will remind me of jae
2.changmin stickers plushie (yes, i still sleep with soft toys), it always remind me of junsu
4.yoochun necklace
5.Yunho poclet calendar.
6.Arashian button badge
7.nino badge~~

p/s: I think this blog will go on hiatus soon as i dont have any internet access soon =___=


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