It’s Sho’s birthday! and i love johnys!

Posted: January 25, 2011 in Jpop stuff
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Otanjoubi omedetto Sho-kun ^0^
Sho is now officially 29!


eeeehhh i’m that old
dont worry sho. Your fans will aways love you and you’re still gorgeous anyway ;D

as i said sho is gorgeous XD

Now some news about JE boys~~

1. I just read that Arashi (especially ohno) are too old for Idol magazine like Pink , etc etc etc

My reaction…




nino, what’s your opinion about this?

I kill those who said my riida is too old!!!! i brought kenichi-san with me!


Riida maybe 30, but he looked like 13! XDDDD

EHHHH I’m to old?
yes, riida your too old for Idol magazine but not for an an XD i mean for me!

2.Meet Johnnys “Lord of Sexual Harassment”

My friend read this on Arama (it’s been a while since i visit that site).

There’s a new player in town, Meet Johnnys “Lord of Sexual Harassment”
There’s a not so nice rumor circulating about veteran-status Mr. M. from a certain talent agency known for having a lot of male idols.

M’s sexual harassment daimyo style remains the same as always with him saying “I wanna be popular with chicks!”

Continuing from last week, we’ve got another story from that famous male idol agency. We’re talking about their “not-so-popular,” already veteran status, Mr. M.

As always, his sexual harassment skills are on full display. Like usual, he’s constantly saying, “I wanna be popular with the ladies!”

Up until now he hasn’t been popular, and he won’t be popular from this point on…. Quietly sitting in the dressing room or the waiting room, give us a break!

As a member of that agency, it’s unusual to be disliked for such a long time. M is even getting hateful mistreatment from other groups as well.

“A” completely disregards him. If that agency really has such half-assed guys in it, it’ll be hard to get work. (All of this from stylist X-san who blabbed to Friday.)

If we’re talking about an agency with a lot of male idols, then all signs point to Johnny’s Jimusho, but whoever could the sexually harassing Mr. M. be?
If we line up all the idols with the initial “M” in order of age, we get:

Matsuoka Masahiro (TOKIO, 34)
Morita Go (V6, 31)
Miyake Ken (V6, 31)
Murakami Shingo (Kanjani8, 28)
Matsumoto Jun (Arashi, 27)
Maruyama Ryuhei (Kanjani8, 27)
Masuda Takahisa (NEWS, 24)
Morimoto Ryutaro (Hey! Say! JUMP, 15)

And if we’re not looking just at real names, there’s a possibility it could be the initial “M” for Kondo Masahiko (46)’s nickname “Matchy.”

We could maybe say that by looking at the ages, those with “veteran status” would be Matchy, Matsuoka, Morita, Miyake, Murakami, Matsujun, and Maruyama.

Next, who could be Mr. A. who has completely ignored Mr. M.?

Coincidentally, since we learn that “A has completely ignored M,” right before we see that “M is getting the silent treatment from other groups, it could be that “A” is a group name, in which case it’s natural to think of Arashi.

If it’s someone’s real name, then it could be Akanishi Jin, Aiba Masaki (Arashi), or Arioka Daiki (Hey! Say! JUMP).

From the hints it’s possible to make educated guesses, but we’ll still wonder who is Johnny’s Jimusho’s “Sexual Harassment Daimyo.”

Translator’s Note:
*Daimyou – Japanese feudal lord

I’m rooting for Maruyama-kun, but what do you think, arama?

Arama made a poll and guest what? the innocent ryutaro is winning! prince hamstaaaa ftw XD!

dont worry ryutaro-chan i still love you ;D

3. Jin’s new single cover

I WTH-ing when i saw his single cover for all type.

THEY’RE ALL THE SAME, they just change the colour oh except for the special one.

Just google the album lazy to save it then upload it.

I feel like switching back to Jpop, jpop fandom is more fun, crazy,more unique, more peace; less fanwar less drama but i’ll still love TVXQ thought ;)

I miss my chinen, my ryutaro, my yuto, my hey say jump, my arashi,my nino, my tegomass (esp tegoshi) my junno~ haha i’m such a JE fangirl XD

out of topic;

Postman-san~~~ where’s my Why(KHYD) album????? i’m gonna be crazy! Waiting is a painful thing ..especially wating for something awesome and aishhhh JYJ Music essay release date is being delay because there’s too many people pre-order it . SO that mean i have to wait longer for it..*sigh* oh well on the bright side, I CONTRIBUTE FOR THE DELAY!! is that a bright side? XD LOL

  1. jutjull says:

    Ohno isn’t too old!
    He’s just a little kid
    Ok. No. It’s just. yeah
    They don’t look like they’re (ok only ohno) 30. And they don’t behave as 30.

  2. samohty says:

    ikr, they still behave like a little kids althought even matsujun is 28! but that what make them special ;D

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