Changmin-oppa~~, just dont say anything

Posted: January 23, 2011 in I forgot to put this in categories
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i seriuosly dont get it why people hate/bash him. i understand completely why people bash him during the
interview that he mention geese/duck/bird-inhuman (cassie must know what i’m talking about right?) but i dont understand why people bash him for the geurilla date interview.

I dont see anything that show he said jyj ungrateful

maybe i’m blind by changmin hotness..hmmm

Or maybe… people just assume things again..



be strong my baby, if cassie hate you. good for me i have you all for myself and we can rule the world like u always wanted to ;)


my confession; yeaahhh i just wasted my time on dong bang macros again. Dong bang macro is like my drug when i depress about this fandom situation. dang, how i miss when this fandom were super excited when tvxq gonna do a comeback for mirotic. good times good times..

p/s: DID U GUYS HEARD all of JYJ song in jyj music essay. JYJ are geniuses. GENIUS! Mission still stuck in my head. Fallen leave, just beautiful enuff said. I.D.S is super catchy and Pierrot is my favourite so far ;DD

credit for the fangirl macro:’s sad that she doesnt make a new macro :(


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