I think i’m falling in love with Lee Jae Jin

Posted: January 21, 2011 in I forgot to put this in categories
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So i got another gift from my friend;

FT Island beautiful hits for asia.

As i mention in my last post, i keep getting gifts from my friends but they never give gifts that related TVXQ =___=”
but still i appreciate it ^______^

The reason why i made a new post about this is because i love the way they package this album it’s really nice. I’m not a fan FT Island, idek why she gave me FT Island album XDD I only remember the only time i talked about FT island with her was at the time i was amaze by the vocalist voice..whose name is Lee Hongki (?) his voice was really powerful and this came from a cassiopeia who love TVXQ and bias all about TVXQ ;D

The cover:

The back of the album

Inside it tadaaaaaa

as i was browsing the photobook, i was attract by this guy face

he had this innocet cute lIttle boy face, he looked like he’s 12 and not 20 XD

and inside the envelop there’s this card with the members face with their profile

and i discover that the cute boy name is Lee Jae Jin.

And i found this guy.. my first impressin is he kinda look like ryo during johny’s jr time with a little bit of toma

i havent listen to all the song in the album yet but the songs are nice ^___^ and still i admire hongki’s voice


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