[Rumour]SNSD Into the new world 2 concert in Malaysia

Posted: January 16, 2011 in Kpop stuff, Kpop/Jpop concert,showcase & fanmeet in Malaysia
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On November 2010 the rumor that SNSD will come to Malaysia for August 2011 was spread like crazy and i thought it was just a rumor

But who knows like JYJ showcase, which start as rumor (and personally i thought that was the silliest rumor..i mean they were SUPER busy how come they wanna to come to malaysia so suddenly XD) but it turn out as real.

As i was searching info for SuShow 3 in Malaysia i found this in some Girl’s generation/SNSD fan page (idk how did i end up in GG fan page)


and it said that SNSD INTW 2 was scheduled to be in Malaysia august 13.

•June 11 – Singapore – Singapore Indoor stadium
•July 22 – Thailand – Impact Arena
•July 23 – Thailand Encore
•August 13 – Malaysia – Putra Indoor Staium
•Sept. 24 – Manila – Araneta Coliseum
•Oct. 22 – Indonesia – Tennis Indoor Senayan

maybe some people already know about this..but still for those who doesnt know about this (like me)

credit: some sone’s tumbler

  1. LuvSone says:

    I LUV SNSD 4 EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. YeeMunCheng says:

    where to buy the ticket?

  3. shin says:

    how much is the tickets?
    where can we get the tickets?
    can someone answer me..

  4. wan lee boon says:

    when the ticket start to purshase for KL Putra Indoor stadium??????????//

  5. Sam says:

    Erm..so is it confirm snsd are coming ?

  6. Jacky Lim says:

    is that real snsd august come malaysia open concert , how much is the ticket , where can buy

  7. samohty says:

    like i stated above. it’s a RUMOR only

  8. michael jackie voon says:

    it is true

  9. QueChill says:

    it just a rumor…based on the scheduled June will be fulled with their Japan tour concert…so they will not in S’pore or Thailand concert..so the rest …just a rumor…

  10. Ah Mok says:

    2012 feb is singapore

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