The tiring days of 2011

Posted: January 14, 2011 in All about TVXQ

2011 drives me crazy,

December 2010 was fill with LOTS and LOTS of good news and good thing happen to me, but Jan 2011? so far…it drive me nuts. and that explai why am i so bitter with my last 2 post about tvxq.

I’m officially a science streams student and i’m stuck with those genius student with an average 680-750/800 and 590-650/700 for their exam and my average is 620 =_____=

It’s super hard to compete with them. SO FREAKING HARD. They’re like robots. Our Chemistry teacher just came back from london and she had a british accent stuck with her. Dear Ma’am, Althought Malaysia’s english is based on british-english but unfortunately because of influnce from the media we pronounce it the american way so i’m sorry but it’s freaking hard to understand what are you saying. I seriuosly dont know how the heck do everyone else understand you. I guess i’m the stupid one.

School had tortured me to the limit that i won that Hitz contest for Private recording for Beast, 4minute and G.NA but i decided to not to go because i had an extra class from 3-5 , i’m such a nerd =____= i know. In my head right now it’s all about getting good marks. My friends who are in love with beast/4minute/ were all cursing me for being such a nerd. Even i’m shock why am i acting like’s like i’m being brainwash to be a good student . no kidding. i used to be a laid back person. i rarely do homework..but now it’s different.

school isnt the only one who had totured me

all those TVXQ stuff..are just @___@

i’m tired of all this drama .this fandom use to be the most awesome fandom and now it’s just crap (pardon my french) holyshinki? orion? like i said it just full of butthurt people who loves to blame people easily without knowing the truth..

hurt by changmin’s word? hurt by yunho’s word? heh then why you dont hurt by junsu’s word? (i sound like a homin fan right? well i am a tvxq5 fan so i AM a homin fan right?) why do people easily blaming homin but not JYJ? i dont get it! it because they are with SM isnt it?

JYJ are selfish and play the victim here? SM block them. they ARE the victim

i sound like a heartless and a very cold person

I’m just tired…usually tvxq stuff cheer me up but now this thing just make it worst because of the fan and not because of them.

It sad to see that people in this fandom used to share laughter with, we had this bond created by our love to tvxq..we had this strong red ocean of love (this sentence sounds so cheesy) now… the red ocean is like a red ocean that being polluted by hate it just full of FANWARS FANWARS FANWARS. oh wait it should be CASSIESWARS . because it is cassie vs cassie not because of fandom vs another fandom.

Trust me i had a feeling 18th Jan will be the start of cassie world war 1, i read this somewhere that jyj vs homin.. and the winner will be determine by who get the most fan.

LOL seriuosly? who get the most fan? so what if i want to support my ot5? do i have to found another group? is it illegal to believe in TVXQ5 again? what happen to AKTF? Is that word even exist in cassiopeia’s dictionary anymore? it seems like that cassie are forgettting they used to say “i’ll believe in 5 of them” but now most of them dont believe in homin. what happen?


p/s: mr postman WHEN WILL my WHY(KYHD) gonna arrive?..and 17th Jan please hurry up..i wanna my JYJ music essay too.. waiting is such a painful thing

p p / s : not gonna post a bitter post again. it seems like i used this blog release my stress XD SORRY


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