Posted: January 10, 2011 in All about TVXQ

This whole TVXQ-drama thing is killing me inside. I guess what Jae said was true..this whole thing will hurt the fans more than it hurt them. WHY? because it hurts to not know anything but people around you keep spreading rumor, bashing and blaming.

It’s like this..imagine your friend(who is a girl) is being blame for slapping your teachers(who is a girl). She said she didnt do it, your teacher said she did do it. You want to believe in your friend as she is your friend you know her isnt the kind who slap teachers but you also want to believe your teacher who had been teach so many meaningful things. Then you ask your classmate who is the one who tells the truth but 50% of them said the teacher isnt lying and 50% of them tells the other way. The one who sided the teacher said that the one who sided your friend is ungrateful,bias and being blind by your friend angelic look. The one who sided your friend said that the one who support your teacher as teacher’s pet.

You tried to ask your friend for the truth but she didnt tell you anything, she just kept her mouth shut..the people around you told you that she did that because she’s afraid of your teacher. You tried to ask your teacher, she said that she didnt lie. SO which side do you believe?

The first week of 2011 starts with all this drama. Mr Egg said that for junsu to tweet that thing, he must had been in the end of the cliff..i felt the same way. Junsu isnt the kind of people who tweet those thing and people just ASSUME THING. BECAUSE OF ALL THIS ASSUMING he’s now trap in the world of bashing. I dont understand why those people (i wont mention names) bash him. HE DIDNT BASH ANYONE YET SAID SOMETHING THAT SHOW HE’S UNGRATEFUL. I’m not being bias but if his tweet did pointed to yunho then why do those people have to butt in are they in gang that being lead by that ES EM and trying to protect yunho?

If you wanna protect yunho..just let yunho answer junsu’s tweet and let this matter solve PROFESsIONALLY. I’m 15 (or 16?) and i think all this bashing that being done by people who are in their mid 20 are so IMMATURE. GANG UP AND BASH JUNSU TO PROTECT YUNHO..GANG UP AND BASH? LOL I thought only people in my age do this sort of things. And it’s kinda sad that people who bash junsu…i’m their fan. it just break my heart into pieces.

And for Junsu to tweet that…it’s weird. REALLY weird. I’m not saying junsu is 100% innocent but it just it’s weird. and people started to questioning why homin let this people said all those stuff to junsu..well my answer is..we dont know anything. WE REALLY DONT KNOW ANYTHING. WE cant just blame people. I’m not blaming those people for bashing junsu..it just what they did was immature and that’s it

Sorry for my grammar, too lazy to re-check =___=, sorry for nagging and writing this long long essay, sorry if what i wrote will offend some people. I’m still in shock that person who i love..bash junsu. It feel like your teacher bash your another teacher.(why do i keep on making weird metaphor?)


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