Starting the new year with an empty pocket

Posted: January 1, 2011 in All about TVXQ
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Happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i really wanna change my theme, this theme doesnt allow me to change font =___=”

My new year resolution? I dont really have any ;P

School gonna start this monday and the usual boring life will begin ; Wake up, school, extra class, eat, tvxq-ing, wasting some times with tv and internet, homework and lastly sleep.

Oh, and JYJ and Homin are gonna release their new album *dancing happily* and i just waste my present money on their new album which cost me RM190(homin:RM80, JYJ RM:110)! My dad totally gonna kill me if he knew this.

Homin new album
Keep your down.
Photobucketlol leader-shi looked like angry jiji XD *run before yunho’s fan kill me*

their awesome teasers that had been slwly killing me with homin hotness

my fav is totally the second one, changmin looks mega fine (still hate his hair thought ;P) and yunnie what the heck happent to your hair? did the same person who cut minho’s hair for lucifer did that to you? oh well at least the leader is still sexy ;)

JYJ new KOREAN album
Their Rooms
Photobucket jyj look so fine and gorgeous! ;D

A preview of their songs.

ever since i listen to pierrot, i’m in love with it. I’m not your pierro ;) and all of their songs sound a awesome!

GAAAHHH I cant wait for these two albums arrive in front of my house and play it !

Keep your head dowwwwwnnnnnnnnn and take a tour in their rooms cuz homin and jyj are back!(lol my sentence doesnt make any sense)

and this is why i cant go to that kpop live thing. I’m broke because of my five precious boys ;)


Credit: sment and bukishine @ youtube


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