Junsu,Yoochun,Jaejoong,Changmin and Yunho , Cassiopeia exist because of you guys

Posted: December 27, 2010 in I forgot to put this in categories
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I’m still tired because of yesterday ;D

I have so much fun celebrating tvxq 7th anniversary with other cassie. We were spazzing all day XD

so what did i do yesterday?

It start with the flashmob thing, it was really fun and embarassing hahaha. I met a lot of cassie and i met the girl that standing beside me during the line up to enter JYJ showcase. We were like “eh isnt you the one who line up with me?” XD . After that we go to victoria. It really funny that we spazzing with all the TVXQ stuff that sell there. The situation was really like a bunch of lost kids that found a toy store. Even one of the employee there who is a cassie joined us spazzing LOL

Then i have to say good bye to them. I went karoeke with my bestie. I sang doushite (as usual i’m out of breath while i’m singing it XD) , kiss the baby sky and some other tvxq song. I think all the singing gave me a sore throat hahahaha. After that we went to the cinemas

Here’s a tragic story ,almost all the movies that day are sold out and only one movie are available Tron:Legacy . Because tron is an awesome movie we want to watch it in 3D. So i said to the person in charge “Miss , i want to watch Tron: Legacy at…..” before i could finish the sentence she asked me if iwant the RM11 or RM18 and i thought RM 18 was suppose to be the 3D

but then….i realised i end up buying the premire class =______=

oh well at least Tron:Legacy was awesome and i had a great day

BTW sorry i didnt have any pictures to show, i didnt bring my camera..truly sorry

  1. nina lee says:

    hey,where you karaoke tvxq’s song?
    well,in melaka..there’s not much of their song and it hard to find because it is in chinese.

  2. samohty says:

    it’s the same here in KL hahaha most of it in chinese, i went karaoke at neway time square.

    but usually Red Box karaoke always had kpop song and that include tvxq’s song ;) but of course their name and song are written in korean

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