*throws confetti*

It’s been 7 years already.
Even the magnae is 22 right now! he’s in my age when he debuted, oh wait so that means our age gap are 7 years too..heh i thought it our age gap are smaller than that. Oh never mind i bet my mom wouldnt mind i marry someone who is 7 years older XD


it’s been 4/3 years since i knew them…woww 4/3 years already, i dont feel like i knew them THAT long. It felt like i just knew them last year. it seems like last year i go crazy with their No? perfomance (and they were really really hot).

In 7 years , they had realease 8 albums! (i dont count compilation album) . 4 korean and 4 japanese. 30 singles (doushite,bolero, beautiful you and kiss the baby sky will always be my fav ;D).

I just cant wait to celebrate TVXQ anniversary todaayyy!!!!

START TRENDING #7yearsforTVXQ at twitter NOW!!!!!


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