OMGSUN 5 days to go!

Posted: December 19, 2010 in I forgot to put this in categories

i should be super-ultra-mega happy that TVXQ 7th anni is just 5 days away.. but seriuosly i cant..


My super important exam’s result will be out on 23rd december..and i’m super nervous about it, everyone said that “hey, you shouldnt be did your best right? you study really hard for this right?”

well to be honest, i did not did my best for this exam. i’ve been slacking off… =___= and i’m REAAALLLLLYYYYY regret REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLYYYYYYYY regret it. i prepare for this exam for only like 2 weeks!

gila menyesal lah

yabe yabe yabe >.________< ( yes, i know i just a dirty language. cant help it =___= it just i'm so frustrated with myself)

all my excitement for next year (TVXQ's & the grace comeback) just gone…just like that because of this one ^(%*$ announcement =_____=

btw why do they wanna announce my exam result during tvxq day??? WHY??? SERIUOSLY WHY?? again yabe yabe yabe YABAIIIIII !!!!!!!! =__________________=


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