14 Days to go!

Posted: December 11, 2010 in In my head
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Warning; this post is full of nonsense and fangirl stuff. Just press alt+f4 if u dont like fangirl stuff or delusional fangirl stuff,or both of it

I dont know why…but i’m starting to get SUPERMEGAEXTRA sensitive when it comes to tvxq.

I easily get upset when people knew micky,jae and su through JYJ and not TVXQ. I know it’s stupid right? and no it’s not because i’m homin fan. geezzzz do every fans that upset with JYJ’s stuff are homin’s fan and vice versa? i’m bias to YOOMIN. YOOMIN as in MICKY YOOCHUN and MAX CHANGMIN
(edit: see? this is what i mean…i get easily upset when it comes to this kind of stuff)

Blah. i’m ranting about TVXQ again =_____=

Anyway…let’s get delusional XD

Do you ever dream of marrying a SUPER-MEGA hot guy like changmin for example or a SUPER-ADORABLE guy with a dimple like yoochun?

For a girl like me who been raised with fairy tales and Enid Blyton’s book (oh wait Enid Blyton’s book doesnt have nothing to do with my delusional side.) i always wanted to marry a prince that look good in white (blame it on prince charming, he looked great in white)

Like this
>.< marry meeeeeee changmin

But then…as i grow up, i wanted to date a guy with a cute smile that made people go “awwwwww you’re lucky you have this guy” so that i can show off to all my friends LOL. okay, i lie. when you have a super cute/sper hot BF I DONT wanna show him to my friends as i’m afraid that they gonna seduce him XD

how i wish i get this guy to be mine

you know..sometimes i wonder how their parents looked like when they were young. They should be grateful toward their parents.

the truth is……………..

I actually doesnt have any ideas right now..what i just wrote up there was actually something random that popped into my mind, *get kick*

just whatever, let’s just enjoy this super cute video from JYJ’s malaysian interview..


actually no one say aku cinta padamu in malaysia (except for those super ultra cheesy drama) , people usually said, saya sayang awak.

the reason why i underline saya is…when people confess..they usually use formal words and aku is informal way to say I. In malaysia people dont use cinta, they usally use sayang. “Mu” is a short form for kamu. Except for the song “aku cinta kepadamu” nobody actually use aku cinta padam to confess.

when i saw that video, i faint like 2423514151 times…but just if they say “saya sayang awak” i’ll faint 3423514151. “saya sayang awak” sound 1000000 times more romantic.

See how out of idea i am? i even made a short note about Malay language XD

I’m gonna stop before i keep on writing some stupid stuff,

SO let’s enjoy this pic of yoomin before i say good bye


BYE! 14 Days to go XD

P/s: i just watch Narnia last thursday..it’s kinda meeeehhh…and if they made a 4th one,i’m not sure im gonna watch it as for me i watch narnia because of peter,susan,edmund and lucy + WHY DO THEY PUT 18+ FOR SOCIAL NETWORK? i wanna see that movie so freaking bad

credit:hotxspress1 @ youtube + as tagged

  1. nina lee says:

    Hey,i am enjoying your writing,how you expressed your feeling towards tvxq.Hey girl,we are so much in common but maybe I cant be compared to you because I just knew tvxq earler this year.

  2. samohty says:

    Hi! it’s nice to meet a new fan. we shouldnt compare to each other just because you new to this fandom ^__^

    btw thanks for ur comment about my writing :)

  3. nina lee says:

    Actually,you amazed me so much.I am tvxq fan of not yet a year and its suffocating me a lot.I dont know how you handle it nearly 3 years!Are you still in school?

  4. samohty says:

    this fandom is actually a fun place, but after those lawsuit..it’s different.

    still in school? yes, i’m still a student if that what you mean “^_^

  5. nina lee says:

    You’d write that school is starting so I assume you are in your high school. :)
    Yeah..the lawsuit..Actually I didnt know so much bout the lawsuit..
    Sometime I wondering why JYJ even filed it..

  6. samohty says:

    well, idk why too..but as i’m a laid back person..i love to make things simple so for me, they filed the lawsuit just to be free from the slave conract. That’s it.

    I never understand the drama but still the drama affect me sometimes

  7. nina lee says:

    SOrry,if I like nossy here.But its fun writing to you.LOL..how are you really?Haha..I love tvxq’s song but personally I love Kim Jaejoong.I know it sounds boring.Thats is what everyone else feels right.HAha..I also laugh to myself about it.You know,I always cried because of Jaejoong.Hahaha

  8. samohty says:

    LOL it’s fun talking to you too, you might be suprise if say this..but you are the THIRD person i know who’s jae bias Most people that i know are yunho bias.

    Actually it’s normal for new fan to love jae LOL again 49% cassie i know are jae bias too at first but then they will change their bias. dont ask me why. IDEK why XD

    LOL what did jae do that made you cried?

  9. nina lee says:

    No.I am not surprise at all.Argh..it is not 3 people,I thinks hundreds love jaejoong.HAhaa..I laugh at myself always because dreaming of being with him.HAha..I cried because he did nothing to me.He doest even know me.
    I love changmin at first.I dont really notice jaejoong at all.Haha..I start to like him when I saw his singing live,and its amazed me so much.I really thinks I have to stop loving him as a person and start to think him as an idol!

  10. samohty says:

    LOL u cried because the fact that he doesnt know you? that’s so cute ;D

    btw how did u know tvxq?

  11. nina lee says:

    Erm.why did i fall in love with you.I keep repeating that song only about a week.Then my twin suggest me their other songs.Just recently I love their early album.
    It is tiring to love someone who doesnt even notice us and it is not cute at all.So,now I’m trying to get over him and just adore him as a fan !
    Eh,you’re goin for the digi kpop live?

  12. samohty says:

    it’s kinda cute in my point of view hehe sorry if i offend u

    doushite kimi suki, is one of my fav ballad from them too, ^__^ . i’m still not sure im going or not because it’s during weekdays. i’m waiting for my dad to give me permission first :)

  13. nina lee says:

    haha..no la..sorry if my words seems like I was offended..
    i just mad for myself…
    owh..i already purchase the tix for it and it is the gold one..
    i read that you’ve been in stadium negara(which i envy the most because i am not in kl at that time.haha) before so any seating tips for gold one?..
    you know what..i kinda relief telling you about my feeling towards jaejoong..
    My other friends all laugh at me when I told them I love Jaejoong..Even my twin doesnt take serious about my feeling…
    They think I am super over because said love Jaejoong not like jaejoong.
    That is also reason why I want to convince myself that I dont love him.I just adore him as a fan.

  14. samohty says:

    Seating tips for gold? just fight for the seat in front of the stage LOL

    No biggie about our talk bout jae

    As a changmin bias, i still have to admit jae is almost perfect; he appreciates his fans, he had a “rainbow” voice, has a pretty face and a just right height..not too tall not too short, bright personalities..the conclusion is he’s really attractive so i’m not suprise if you love him.

    Maybe u just need time to “adjust” yourself with ur feelings towards jae, i know the first time i saw changmin..i really hope i would marry to a guy that has a personality like him and look like him LOL

  15. nina lee says:

    thats why i strongly think that i love jaejoong because his perfectness but i never want anybody else or anyone resembles him.I just want him.Haha.Fool me right!aahhaha
    Owh.So,you are changmin bias.He is pretty cute nowadays with the new hair.

  16. samohty says:

    changmin is my first love in tvxq ;D i always love when he have a short hair esp his hair during LA smtown

    but now..i think he get a little bit TOO thin , im worry bout him

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