[UPDATE] DiGi Live Kpop Party ; How to get the ticket

Posted: December 8, 2010 in Kpop/Jpop concert,showcase & fanmeet in Malaysia
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Hi! i’m back!


SO you miss the Kpop party launch (like me) and you dont know where and how to get the ticket. Well you came to the right place! ;)

Here is the list of place that sell the ticket!

1) DiGi Retail Centre, Sunway Pyramid

2) DiGi Counter, Berjaya Times Square (first floor)

3) Victoria Music Centre, Sungei Wang

4) Rock Corner, The Gardens

5) Rock Corner, 1 Utama Shopping Centre

6) Artist Gallery , Queensbay Mall, Penang

7) Digi Specialised Store,Johor Bahru City Square

How much is the ticket?

Price: RM 350, RM 200, RM 120

Seating plan
Platinum (RM 350) – Rock Zone (can fit around 3500 ppl there)
Gold (RM 200) – Seated 2 levels / best view to the stage (free seating)
Silver (RM 120) – Seated, level 1 (on the side of the stage / free seating)



SO WHERE IS THE BEST SEAT? is it the higher the price, the best view you got?

it’s actually depends on you. As JYJ showcase was held in Stadium negara..so i kinda know which seat is the best.

If you want to SIT and BE CLOSE TO THE ARTIST. GET THE RM 120 ticket

If you want to SIT AND GET THE BEST VIEW. GET THE RM 200 ticket

If you want BOTH; BEST VIEW and CLOSE TO THE ARTIST. well get the 350 one

IF YOU WANT THE BEST-est VIEW, CLOSE-est way to see the artist and DOESNT WANT TO STAND? Buy the VIP tix. but unfortunately i think it’s impossible now to get the VIP tix..p/s i dont know how to get vip tix

credit: universal music malaysia

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  2. mashimaro^_^ says:

    is there any ticket left?? i really want to see them here please tell me there’s some left for me

  3. samohty says:

    Hi!, i’m not sure..but i think the ticket is still available..how bout visit one of those retail shop that i list that sell the ticket ;)

  4. sara says:

    hi, just so u know i’m putting your post about this kpop thingy inside my blog, i really badly wanted to go but … oh too sad coz i’m not a digi costumer and got no $$$ . haha, anyway, thanks a lot <3

  5. lemonade says:

    thank you so much!!!now i know where i can buy those ticket!!!thank you!!

  6. ooi says:

    i have a digi live kpop party silver pass worth rm120 for sale,anyone interested pls email me@ ooi_lier@hotmail.com thx =)

  7. enovscorp says:

    i want it !
    pls pls pls
    need it so badly .
    BUT which site? left or right?
    i want RIGHT .

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