24 days to go!

Posted: December 2, 2010 in All about TVXQ
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ON the last post i said that i want to spam some pictures of tvxq during HUG days, but unfortunately i had some errands to do so i’m kinda buzy today. Again i’ll say tommorow will do ;)

So today im gonna show videos from YouTube again about their Japanese debut song ; Somebody to love
(oh why do Justin Bieber have to have a same song tittle? ;P )

It’s time for love~~
Somebody to love~~
onaji koi wa shinai~
hashirihajimeru atarashii boku ga
Somebody to love, Somebody to love
ai wo sagashite iru
kotoshi wa kitto kimi ga soba ni iru

Btw i did not copy-paste this thing from another website. I type it! *proud* LOL

1st live tour baby! ;D

2nd live tour!

3rd live tour!

4th live tour!

*wipe my tears* oh look ’em, they grow up so fast

credit ; avexnetwork + cassimm09 + simbachan + swtgrllubzu


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