Today is 1 December it’s the start of TVXQ month!

Posted: December 1, 2010 in All about TVXQ
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OMG! it’s 1 dec!

December is a memorable month for cassiopeia, bigeast and I-cassiopeia


15th December is our lovely Xiah Junsu’s birthday

23rd December is TVXQ Day! and no the fans didnt make this up. MTV Korea declare this as TVXQ were elected as “President of Republic of Korean Music” in 2007

26th December, The most memorable day for all TVXQ fans and TVXQ themselves. It’s their ANNIVERSARY! This years is their 7th year! :)

I’m gonna try my best to post everyday about them till 26th Dec for this TVXQ month !

starting today!

Today feature is HUG. TVXQ debut song.

credit : SMent

Their first Debut stage:

credit : TheHeroticTVXQ2nd
it felt so awkward that we dont hear any fans screaming. LOL look at their nervous face XD

HAHAHA do u hear how many fans screamed for changmin and junsu XD woaaahhh sugoi

Just for you info on WTH is their screaming/fan chant and just if you want to join the fan chant XD

0:11 ,Youngwoong Jaejoong
0:20 , Saranghae
0:37 , Micky Yoochun
1:00 , Xiah Junsu
1:08 , Choikan Changmin
1:17 , Shim Changmin
1:34 , U-know Yunho

Their adorableness is beyond words. People use to say if u have a cute children they tend to grow up as a really attractive guy. XD

I’m to lazy to spam their picture today, so tommorow will do ;D


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