Bye bye Guangzhou!

Posted: November 26, 2010 in In my head
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tomorrow is the last day for 2010 Asian Game in Guangzhou. I’m addicted to sport because of this LOL , I don’t know why but i enjoy watching Asian Game than Olympic maybe because Malaysia actually can collect gold medals XD oh well I’m still proud to be Malaysian.

Malaysia targeted 9 gold medals, so did we reach our goal? Oh yes! we did won 9 gold medals ^0^ *waving Malaysian flags*
Actually i was hoping 1 more gold medal from squash team, Azlan Iskandar you disappoint me but you are still hot *get bricked*

My favourite games during Asian Games will be Badminton (well duh, this is a must watch game for Malaysians) and Diving! (why? because of my Malaysian athlete crush Bryan Nickson Lomas ;P)

BRYAAAANNNN , he’s so cute >.< He's just 154 cm during 2008 Beijing and now he seems average and not so short anymore, i bet he wore a 5 inch insoles inside his shoes XD

Bryan won 3(or was it 4?) bronze medal and 1 silver medal! and what’s funny is (well at least for me) all of that is because China, we lose all those gold medal from China. China are just too awesome. During Men Diving 10 M Platform Final, there’s this really cute 15-years-old-china athlete that’s shorter than bryan and he won gold medal. That little guy is awesome. If I’m not mistaken his name is Cao Yuan

Enough about Bryan, Overall Malaysia won 9 gold medals , 18 silver medals and 14 bronze medals . We’re number 10 in asia XD ! Malaysia Boleh!


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