Posted: November 20, 2010 in In my head

Guess what? i’m learning japanese again!

I never knew that i’ll be asking my mom to sent me to japanese class again, oh god it’s freaking embarrassing after i tell her that i want to quit.

What makes me want to study japanese again?

To be honest because of jaejoong. When he tweet the other day that he’ll be working hard on his japanese, i was embarrass by it. He’s busy with singing and dancing but still he’s trying hard to not to forget japanese and study english at the same time.

I have nothing to do during this school holiday, so i decided to start learning japanese again. Unfortunately there’s a catch. My mom gonna test my japanese skill, she wants to see if i still remember the things i learned during my last japanese class.

Unfortunately, it’s been a while since i read,write and speak in japanese so i had forgotten almost everything! i can only construct a basic sentence like anata wa suki desu or watashi wa changmin-san ga suki desu <— is it right? haha i forgot when to use ga and wa XD ara!, i'm dead

5 words for me ; I have to study japanese!

So here comes the flashcard!
Photobucket see mom? i still remember my hira

My hiragana flashcard, it’s been awhile since i touch it. I know my japanese handwriting sucks so just ignore it.

I really have a hard time remember hira and basic kanji but for me katakana are seriuosly easy to remember LOL

someone help me~~~

  1. czai says:

    hi there!

    i am learning japanese as well. maybe we can help each other out :D

  2. samohty says:

    that’s a great idea. i suck at japanese XD so i really need some help right now

  3. tomohisa says:

    Hi! Sorry to barge in. I came across your page here and excitedly wanted to say watashi mo nihongo no benkyou shite imasu! dakara nihongo ga sukoshi wakarimasu! ngeeee =D oh and plus, i find hiragana is easy to remember but katakana is hard. because the symbols are so similar to one another and always confused me *sigh* ganbatte ne~

  4. samohty says:

    maji de? you too learning japanese? lol for me katakana is easier because it’s easier to write than hiragana ;P

    let’s try our best for nihongo ne? ^0^

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