Love story between me and Changmin

Posted: November 11, 2010 in All about TVXQ
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So this is a love story between me and changmin..

I let the picture tell u the story;

It was during a hot evening in late 2006. I was with my computer fangirling over Arashi.


and then i got an IM from my friend.


yes, that’s what came first into my mind when i heard the word TVXQ

so, i clicked on the link that she gave

and this was my reaction






My thought when i watched balloon was

the-white-hair-guy ; Too hyperactive
The-other-brown-hair-guy-whose-not-the-cute-guy-with-a-cute-smile ; he’s not suitable to act cute,
The-other-black-hair-guy-wearing-the-white-custome ; he’s cute but not my type XD

So because of my curiosity who is this cute brown hair guy with a cute smile;


Later i found out that his name is MAX CHANGMIN ;D

And because of him,I searched for more info about TVXQ.

and during mid october 2007..TVXQ are coming to MALAYSIA BABY! ^0^ so did i went to the concert?


yeah too bad TT_____________TT i cant meet my changmin

Day by day

I keep falling in love in changmin no matter what kind of hairstyle he had.

Long hair


Short hair

baby you’re killing me.

Althought i never met changmin (*bang my head on the wall* i really wanna see changmin in real life T___T) but to me he’s still the most handsome guy i ever seen so far (and yes he beats Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber take that my tomodachi; ilovesu ..oh and his handsome-ness beats all his look alike which is Kattun’s Junno and F4’s Jerry Yan XD [fangirls are really gonna kill me] )

And if i had a chance to write a letter to changmin it would be like this:

Dear Shim Changmin,

Oppa. Althought i never met you but still i love you. This might not be the love love (means althought i love you doesnt really means i want to marry you) and just a fan love towards her beloved celebrity but still i love you.

Oppa, people said you’re rude and evil toward your hyung(s), i dont care oppa i love your rude-ness. People said you’re dirty minded, but i said you just being honest. People said you dont care about others because you never show your feelings, but i said is it wrong to not to show your feeling? we never know what you feel.

Oppa, remember you hug days? when you still in your cute image. To be honest oppa, you’re cute but jun-chan is always the best when making cute faces. So i dont think jun-chan is guilty when he stole your cute image. Dont ask Kyu-oppa to kill me because i said that, i’m just being honest. Love means honesty oppa.

Oppa, i dont know what to write anymore so bye.

From your fan; Samohty.

That’s all.

I miss Homin

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  2. ilovesu says:

    LOL i never thought u will include me in ur blog XD

    btw r u still jealous that i went to their concert babe? if yes… i still remember how HOT junsu is when he singing in wet clothes!!!!! SU~~~~~!!! *evil laugh*

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