Jonghyun shed tears for Taiwanese shawols

Posted: November 9, 2010 in I forgot to put this in categories
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I posted this news because i was REALLY touch by it


Shawols must know about the news that this bling bling guy dating a famous actress Shin Se Kyung. Many fans were furious and mad about this.

And on 29th October however on SHINee’s recent fanmeeting in Taiwan, he bow 90 degrees and cried

So what did the fans do?

Taiwanese Shawols held up their banners with the words “we will protect you, Jonghyun”. He was so touched that he couldn’t contain his tears.

credit: hellokpop + as tagged + jpi820602

He cried and bow to show how much he appreciated it :)

Althought i’m not really fammiliar with SHINee but my sister is a HUGE fan of SHINee so I knew that Jonghyun isnt really the type of guy who cry easily.

I dont get it why fans were so ad at first, he’s a HUMAN. He needs some love, and i’m not talking about fangirls love but love love.

Now, when do my hubby gonna have a gf.. Changmin hubby~~ get marry already i wanna see ur baby!


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