Super Junior 5th Anniversary

Posted: November 3, 2010 in Kpop stuff

6 NOVEMBER is 2 days away

ELF must be super excited about this date right ;)

Super Junior debut on 6 November 2005 with their song Knock out!(twins)

i swear i laugh everytime i re-watch Knock out MV XD just look at donghae and siwon ! haha (okay i admit maybe TVXQ style during Tri-angle is worst than how style look during Knock out ;P )
credit to sment

i’m not gonna spam this post with lotsa suju pic (i’m too lazy to do that)

My main point of this post is actually to tell you guys about ELF are planning to trend #5UPERJUN10R at 6PM KST (korean time is about 1 hour EARLY from Malaysian time) for super junior 5th anniversary. So to elf please put this on your reminder! 6 November, 6PM KST tredn #5UPERJUN10R

that’s all! ^_____^

p/s : Actually i seriously dont have any mood to update this blog, my life have been pretty depressing lately =___=
but for my friend’s sake and my love for HyukSu(eunhyuk,junsu),the evil magnae group a.k.a KyuMin(kyuhyun,changmin) and DongBangSuJu let’s help ELF trend #5UPERJUN10R !

for those who had been living under a rock and doesnt know WTH is ELF, ELF means Ever Lasting Friend. It’s Super Junior fan club’s name. (kinda corny right ? XD *get kill by all ELF*)

My friend’s note to ELF : prom15e to bel13ve :)

My note to cassiopeia : AKTF and W


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