Jay Park Fan Meet Live In Malaysia (New date and conform)

Posted: October 23, 2010 in Kpop/Jpop concert,showcase & fanmeet in Malaysia
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To all Jaywalker in Malaysia, I have a really really good news to you guys! ^0^

and this one is conform!

click here for discount info

eager to know the details? well here it is!

Jay Park Fan Meet Live in Malaysia:

Date : 4th December 2010
Venue : Putrajaya International Convention Centre, Putrajaya
Time : 2PM

Ticket Price:

Absolutely VIP : RM600
Addicted VIP : RM480
VIP : RM360
Addicted A : RM260
Addicted B : RM220
Basic : RM160

Hi-5 With Jay Park! (Limited to 300 pax ONLY)

Date : 5th December 2010
Venue : TBC
Time : 2PM

For more info about the difference between the package please refer to Absolutely Pop resources facebook page.

Seating Plan


Now what are you guys waiting for? GO and buy a ticket! ;D

Source: Absolutely Pop Resources Facebook Page

  1. Maznah says:

    where do i buy the ticket?

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Maznah Sakdi ✔ and Maznah Sakdi ✔, Maznah Sakdi ✔. Maznah Sakdi ✔ said: Anyone who wanna know about Jay Park's fanmeeting in Malaysia. READ >> http://bit.ly/9T699O […]

  3. samohty says:

    I only know how to book online,

    email to booking @ absolutelypop . com (without the space of course,i add the space to prevent spamming)

    and sent ur details

    Name :
    Type of Package :
    Email :
    Phone Number :
    I/C number (for malaysian) / Passport Number (for foreigner) :
    Adress :

    credit: http://absolutelypop.com/JPdetail.html

  4. shao yan says:

    Hi ! Do you possibly know Jay Park flight time ?

  5. samohty says:

    Dont you think it’s kinda early to know about flight info (“^__^) but anyway i’m curious about that too so i did some research

    (t/n: these are for 3rd december flight )

    if he’s from korea and take MAS there’s only 1 flight

    MH67 – Arriving time approx ; 4.50PM / 1650

    if he’s from korea and take Korean Air there’s only 1 flight too

    KE 671 – Arriving Time approx ; 10.40 PM / 2240

    Hope that’s help ^_^

  6. shao yan says:

    THANKS ! Really helped :D

    Do u think its possible for him to arrive at Malaysia on 4th december morning?

  7. samohty says:

    sorry for the late reply,

    i guess that will be possible as jay park showcase started at 2 PM :)

    but then, he still have to rehearse, do some sound check..so i dont think he would wanna stress himself to do those thing while still having a jet lag

  8. shao yan says:

    Yeah~ It’s on 3rd dec.
    It’s also said that he’s flying from LA !
    So can you check the flight arrival time for me? :DD

  9. samohty says:

    I try to search any flight from LAX (LA) to KLIA (KL)that will ARRIVE (not depart) on 1-4 december. but i only could find one flight ONLY.

    flight MH95 ; LAX – KLIA

    DEPART – 29 November ; 2311/11:11 PM
    ARRIVE IN MALAYSIA – 2 Days later(1 december?) ; 1215/12:15 PM

    i’m not so sure about this.. i’m kinda confuse because of the timeline “^_^

  10. shao yan says:

    Haha. Weird right?
    I’m super confused too.
    The Absolutely Pop doesn’t even inform us anything ><
    In Thailand their promoter told them which hotel is Jay Park's staying too ! ! !

    Can u give me ur e-mail add? Easier to chat at there.

  11. shao yan says:

    Haha. Weird right?
    I’m super confused too.
    The Absolutely Pop doesn’t even inform us anything ><
    In Thailand their promoter told them which hotel is Jay Park's staying too ! ! !

    Can u give me ur e-mail add? Easier to chat at there.

  12. shao yan says:

    See http://www.kaggregate.com/general/jay-park-fans-meeting-2010-in-malaysia/

    Jay Park will be departing from LA on 3rd December to Malaysia for his first fans meeting in Malaysia on 4th December and also Hi-5 on 5th December.

    This was written there.

  13. samohty says:

    if he’ll be departing on 3rd december i totally dont know what is his flight time…it’s kinda weird if he will depart in LA on 3rd dec

    1stly because of the timeline (i dunno if that info refers to malaysian time, as i told you this is super confusing because of the timeline).

    LA and Malaysia time difference is almost 12(?) hours. even if he’s depart on 1 AM 3rd december it’s already noon in Malaysia and the plane ride is almost 19 hours(?) so he totally gonna arrive in malaysia on 4rd december and having a jet lag.

    aaahh i dunno anymore HAHAHA how bout youask APR for his flight info?

    btw where do you wanna chat? cuz im using a diff email for almost everything LOL XD

  14. shao yan says:

    Haha Yeah~ I called them yesterday.
    Let’s chat at MSN
    yan – yan @ live . com

  15. samohty says:

    ooh i dont have a msn email sorry >.<

  16. shao yan says:

    How about facebook? My name is …..

  17. samohty says:

    already add you dear, ^^ my name is …….

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