I still remember the showcase like it was yesterday.

Posted: October 19, 2010 in All about TVXQ, Fandom is awesome, In my head
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It’s been 2 days since the showcase!

I’m love sick!!!!!!!! I MISS JYJ SO FREAKING MUCH.

I cant eat properly (i’m seriuos) all i can think is JYJ, JYJ ,JYJ, How hot Micky was during the showcase, How cute the shy jaejoong during the showcase, How cute and charismatic Junsu is! i’m seriuosly cant think of anything other than JYJ!

I still remember Jae’s soft voice when he said “summer!” XD

I still remember how proud jae was when he said “I know,I know,I know, so BEAUTIFUL Malaysia” he’s like a pre-school kid that proud to say some english word! after that he was sooo embarrassed of what he said. It WAS SOOOO FREAKINGLY CUTE!

I still remember how Micky spoke in english. His english is super sexy! i never knew that english could be this sexy.

I still remember MIcky said “I Love you lah~~, We Miss you lah~~”and made people scream like crazy.

I still remember the cute jun-chan on stage but as soon as the music started he just transfomed to the very charismatic XIAH JUNSU!

I still remember Junsu’s smile, the way he danced, his habit of biting his lip as he danced.

I still remember their voice. Their LIVE perfomance was WAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY better than MP3!

I still rememer Jae’s smile when he sang chajatta and heard the fan chant, I felt so proud cause we were able to make him smile!

The showcase was still fresh in my mind.


AND lastly i still remember Micky said “Thanks for keep the FAITH ALWAYS”


TVXQ fighting!

  1. Grace Harnwell says:

    May I just say, you are like my idol!
    This is exactly how I feel! I am in love with everything DBSK, whether it’s JYJ or any of the members!
    This site is amazing, thank you so much for putting time into things like this, just know that people are reading.
    I’m 15 years old from Melbourne Australia, I would love to get to know you :)
    Please email me or add me on msn with my hotmail : no_doubt_654@hotmail.com
    Love Grace

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