[Fanaccount] JYJ The Beginning Album showcase in Malaysia 2010

Posted: October 18, 2010 in All about TVXQ
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So here is my fan account for JYJ showcase in Malaysia. I’m gonna write a really long one. So if there’s some grammar mistake.. i’m sorry!!

I arrived at Stadium Negara around 10 AM. Funny thing is when i was in monorail, almost all of the people inside was wearing a red shirt/tvxq shirt and holding TVXQ uchiwa XD

The people lininng up for Rock Zone/L1/L2 entrance were REALLY REALLY long. My seat is at L1. At that time i was like there’s no way I’m gonna get a good seat! NO WAY. So because i gave up and too lazy to line up i went to the Rock Booth (the booth that sell The Beginning Album) , the booth still isnt open at that time but cassiopeia was already there.

Here’s a funy part again. When the staff was setting up the booth they had this 3 promotional poster that had JYJ face on it. EVERYTIME they hang the poster, cassiopeia will scream XD
even when the first limited edition was sold cass scream again LOL

While i was buying some goodies, a white van came and cassiopeia were screaming again. They screamed “DONG BANG SHIN KI SA RANG HAE YO!”. Then JUNSU WENT OUT FROM THAT VAN! HE’S LIKE A WALKING TEDDY BEAR! he’s super adorable! >.< Cassiopeia kept screaming it was really chaotic but i think only junsu went out from that car.

15 minutes (maybe) after that WE COULD HEAR JUNSU REHEARSE VERY CLEARLY and that made cassiopeia screamed AGAIN. The uncle that sold shin ki stuff said to me "you guys doesnt know any word other than "aaaaaaa" ke ?". LOL Then i answer back to the uncle "uncle,what can we do. Those boys tooks our words away" XD

T/N: "Ke" is a malay word if you wanna make a sentence as asking sentence kinda like 'ka" in japanese

Then about 15 minutes later, another white van came. People started screamed again. I was too lazy to run towards the van and screaming like other people hha but i assume that's Jaejoong and Micky. and after that, I COULD HEAR MICKY REHEARSE "EMPTY" and so did other people because of that they screamed AGAIN LOL.

About 12PM they opened the gate that lead to the entrance. People were pushing,squishing; We were like a human sardine can that could walk! XD. After that we need to line up again at the main entrance. This is when the torture start.

But there’s a good part, we could hear they reahearsing CLEARLY! Cassiopeia even did a fan chant outside XD and we could hear the boys kinda playing with the sound check. IF my ear doesnt lie to me, i think i heard they sang “Itsu datte kimi ni”

The bad part, not just the weather is SUPER SUPER HOT + NO SHADE . When they start to open the entrance, the guard was super slow =_____= and to make it worse IT STARTED TO RAIN SUDDENLY. People started to YELL/PUSH/CURSE at the Organizer. It wasnt pretty AT ALL. Especially at the Rock Zone entrance, people yelling, pushing,falling and cursing. The guard have to interfere and help.


The three of them went up to stage and made people scream their lungs out XD


first, they sang “Empty”

Yoochun voice when he sang “girl i sweaaaaaaaaarrr” was sooo sexy!! I felt like i’m gonna die XD
Jae was teasing the fans! He wore a vest with no shirt. So like everytime he danced, we could see his HOT HOT abs . Junsu was really dedicated to the dance XD. Yoochun was being really bubbly it was sooo cute >.<

After that they sang "Be The One" (or it was Be my girl first?) They were really energetic and hottt. I cant really wrote or describe this perfomance it was so charismatic and sound waaaaaayyyyyyyy better than recording.

Then they played the Dear Fan/To You video.

Next, They sang Be my girl, I felt like i'm dying when i heard Yoochun sang "this is a song for you".
This perfomance remind me of "No?" because of the mic stand and at the middle of the song yoochun went to my side! i was screaming "Yoochun~!!!!! HOT!!! " hha Jae at the middle and Junsu went to the other side

Then they do this cute dance at the part "get you girl, get you girl, get you girl' THEY SERIUOSLY TRYING TO KILL US WITH THEIR CUTENESS!!!

Then it was talk session.

Serena C is the MC for that day

she did a lame joke which was "Oh! i'm on TV, Hi ma!" when she saw herself at the big TV. People was like "…………" XD

Then she asked us to chant the boys name etc etc etc.

Then JYJ came on stage, Jusnu wore red sleeveless jacket, Jae wore white(or it was blue) Tee with red trouser and Yoochun wore red suit.

Serena said something, then it's time for the introduction

Junsu : Annyeonghaseyo~~!!!! *wave* !$*&*^% Malaysia %*%^&%$#%*^%$ Kamsa hamnida

haha the translator didnt translate it because we were screaming so loud! So Serena asked Yoochun what he said. Yoochun answer " I didnt hear what he said" XD

Jaejoong : Annyeonghaseoyo! *shy* urmm *shy* (then translator went near him, to make sure she heard what he said this time) *&**%$^&*^& Malaysia %$#*^#@$%$^*#@*%$@!^*&%#@^&^$^ kamsa hamnida
(translator said something like: Thanks for waiting for them and they're happy,thank you LOL poor jae he said something really long but the translator just summarize it)

Micky (he seems so hyper and bubbly) : HI MALAYSIA! Are you guys GREAT? (remind me of his habit saying Minna genki?? to japanese fans) It's been a long time, How are you? -something something- (hha i forgot ok) Thank you.

Serena said something and poor Junsu and Jaejoong cuz Yoochun had to translate for them. They were totally lost becasue the translatore forget to translate for them.

Then Serena said she learn some korean word which is "Bogoshipoyo (?) JYJ" which means I miss you JYJ right? hha IDK so then she asked them to add "Lah" at the end like Malaysian love to do.

So then Yoochun said "so, I LOVE YOU LAH, WE MISS YOU LAH" after that people went crazy!!!!

Then the attention went to Jae and Su, people screaming Jaejoong!!!

Then Jae *shy* said : I LOVE YOU LAH~~~ Malaysia

but junsu didnt said anything, the girl beside me screaming " WHAT BOUT JUNSU???JUNSU I LOVE YOU LAH!!!"

then she ask What they been up to

so as usual, junsu participating musical, Jae talked bout sunao,

When yoochun said about SKK Scandal, people kept screaming “LEE SEON JU~~~ SUNGKYUKWAN! SUNGKYUKWAN!”

Then he laughed he said ; Oh! they already knew. LOL

Then she ask about the album

Yoochun said that The Beginning is JYJ first album (WHAT ABOUT THE..?? isnt The.. is their first album?)

Then she said she wanted to ask the most important question, Yes or No question

Jae’s face at that time was like oh-please-oh-god-help-me-please kinda face LOL

she asked something like “Malaysian girls are the HOTTEST girl in the WORLD. Yes or NO”
starting with Junsu

So yeah people went crazy, the girl beside me was praying “oh please JUNSU SAY YES! SAY YES!” i made a conclusion she’s Junsu’s hard fan .

For me i was like of course they would say yes! do they wanna risk themselve, they could die or being rape if they say no.

Junsu confidently said “yesssss!”

again the girl beside me scream “JUNSUUU MARRY ME”

then every attention went to jae, people screaming “YESSSSSSS!!!!!” but i was screaming “YUNHO IS THE HOTTEST FOR JAE LAH!!!!!” and i think i scream too loud becasue people around me was looking at me. It was soo embarassing!*facepalm*

then Jae *shy* answer “….. I know, I know,I know…..SO BEAUTIFUL MALAYSIA” LOL he add something in korean . I dont really gave my attention to the tranlsator i was busy looking at the Jae’s shy face.

Then Serena said like you want to say something before you go. Everyone was like WTF? BEFORE YOU GO? so poeple scream “We want more” but we being ignore LOL

Yoochun said something like “It’s been a loong time since we came here, about 4 years right? We might come here again for a concert.” again people scream like crazy . Then Serena asked when.

Then he looked at Jae, and whispered something and looked at Junsu. Junsu pointed at Jae (LOL it seems like yoochun said something wrong here) Jae was panicked! hha then he look at Yoochun and Serena.

Jae said “Summer!” his voice was soo soft XD. Then Serena said “Next year, Summer?” Jae *shy* nodded and said “ummm…ehh SUMMER!”, *shy* *grinning* HE WAS SO FREAKINGLY CUTE!

Oppa Malaysia is all day summer! we dont have 4 season! XD. then Serena said You guys wanna sing more for us?” Yoochun answer with his cute self “YEAH!”

The Jae said “ummmm That’s right IT’S CHAJATTA” (yes in english) it was soo adorable!

The fan chant was perfect until Jae said “Everybody sing with US!” after that people forget about the fan chant and sing with them LOL Jae~~ you ruined the effort we trying to do!!! XD

fan cam for chajatta, credit for bravetears

after chajatta, they leave the stage for a while, they show this some video when they at LA.

FINALLY Ayy girl!

They were soo hottttt!!
They were sooo sexyyyyyy with the dance move and stuff. Yoochun tried to rap but i think he failed XD *get kill by yoochun*

Then they said their goodbye.

Junsu said; Thanks for waiting (its been 3 YEARS! Freaking 3 years! we miss you!!!!) and they will come back soon.

Jae said; It was a great time -something something-.

Micky said;It was short -something something- (i’m so not helping you guys right? LOL) and THANK YOU FOR KEEP THE FAITH….. ALWAYS( you can hear he said thank you for keep the faith always super clear! he really stress those word)

Lastly, EMPTY!

Yoochun asked everyone to stand up and jump. It was soo much fun!! REALLY fun! unfortunately time flies when you have fun. :(

Then, Micky seems like he doesnt wanted to go…Jae(or it was junsu) had to pull him i still remember his last word was “oh yeaahhh Remember to keep the faith…….ALWAYS!”

Yoochun was so sweet,bubbly and energetic.. he really stole my heart during the showcase!. Jaejoong was really shy! Junsu is being charismatic as always but he’s so freakingly cute.

And they left me this weird feeling. This feeling is like you falling in love with someone so you want to see them everyday, hear them everyday. To have this feeling is a torture. I miss them so MUCH already!


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