Shout out to all Malaysian athletes in Commonwealth game!

Posted: October 15, 2010 in In my head
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2010 Commonwealth game had ended yesterday and Malaysia got number 7 with 12 gold medals,10 silver medals and 13 bronze medals! ^0^

Orginally we target only 10 gold so 12 is something we should be proud of!

But I kind dissapointed in Squash game. I was hoping that Azlan Iskandar could win gold medal but still he’s hot! XD

and I’m proud of our 20 years old diver ; Bryan Nickson Lomas too. He’s so little and cute LOL. He manage to get 2 Bronze.
He’s the cute one on the left

I remember when i watched him during the Beijing Olympic qualifying round. He looked REALLY small compare to all those very-tall-and-hot-with-six-pack athlete. He’s like a little boy lost in grown up world >.< . I'm really suprised when i watch him during the final , i notice that he GREW! XD but he's still small and cute.

For badminton, Malaysians team got 4 gold medal i think? for group,men single (Datuk Lee Chong Wei FTW) , Men Double and Mix. 1 silver for women Single

I expect we could get all gold for badminton XD *get kill by the athletes.*

Thanks to all Malaysian athletes! *bow* ^0^

  1. MrIlla93 says:

    i likes it!!!!

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