News from Redtstar about JYJ Album Showcase

Posted: September 23, 2010 in Kpop/Jpop concert,showcase & fanmeet in Malaysia
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Because of JYJ fanmeeting @ Album showcase in Malaysia, I HAVE to break my own rules which is “Dont go near the laptop nor the computer before the exam”

but i just had too. NEED TO BUY THE TICKET!!! XD

Because i’m not really a patient person, i just HAVE to email Redstar about this ;D

My mail to them:

“Hi! I’m a Fan of TVXQ, and i just want to know if this Fanmeet and the detail is confirm? Is it really gonna be held on 16 october? and the time too? And when will you guys start selling the tickets?

Sorry if i’m asking too much and sorry to bother you guys ^_^”

Their reply:


We have yet to confirmed the date for JYJ event.
Wil inform fans again on the updates, alright.

“Have yet to confirmed”

I cant wait any longer~~~ *cross finger* hope they wont change the date

Check twitter today


Red star must be super busy since they also had to organize Jay park fanmeet, but that event is being cancelled right? Now, i’m just hoping for some good news.


Now i’m currently sits patiently in front of the laptop waiting for update from Redstar while holding my english exercise book (english test tommorow!) with a curry mee next to my laptop.

Currently listening to Sho single ; T.A.B.O.O. This song is super duper addicting, it kept playing in my head the whole day. Maybe i’ll be Sho-bias again? ;P *get bricked by nino* I love nino single too but i just love sho single more *get bricked by nino again*


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