ZE:A Showcase in Malaysia

Posted: September 20, 2010 in Kpop/Jpop concert,showcase & fanmeet in Malaysia
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Hit me, Kill me but if you just knew about ZE:A in Malaysia. You just miss them.

That sentence sounds cruel.

So,this is the nicer version. XD

I’m sorry, you just miss them. They came here during 2nd day of Eid which seriuosly not a good choice of date. But ZE:A Showcase is a PRIVATE SHOWCASE (why private? IDK).
Although the event already past but if you curious about the ticket then here are the info;

For VVIP – RM 420
it’s expensive but if you’re really a fan of them this is a package that you REALLY REALLY WANT! one of the benefit is you get to eat dinner with them!

For VIP – RM300
get to shake hands, interact with them, they signing your stuff, see them beforehand. sounds heavenly right? but the VVIP package is more more heavenly

Source: Geneses Dream <— this company had brought U-Kiss and now ZE:A

I’m not a fan of ZE:A so this is not a big loss for me

bye bye for now! ^______^
WIsh me good luck for my upcoming exam :)


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