They want me to be their fan.

Posted: September 19, 2010 in In my head
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16 Days to go till my Major Exam
and 2 Days to go till my last Trial Exam.
I seriously doesnt feel like studying right now ;D

I’m freakingly happy about the fanmeet that i forgot all about my exam.

I had a weird (well at least i think it’s weird) dream last night.

I was in some dark place that had no door nor windows but it had a huge mirror like the one in the dance studio in front of me, Inside the mirror i saw TVXQ! yes TVXQ. It’s like they’re having a press conference in front of them and they were backing me at the while all the press is in front of them.

They cant see me, everyone cant see me, it’s like those mirror where you can see people outside but people outside cant see you.

I was knocking/punching the mirror and screaming “OPPA! OPPA! Changmin Oppa! Jae Oppa! Junsu Oppa! Micky Oppa! Leader Yunnie!!!! I’m HERE!!!!! ” and crying but they cant hear me or see me (kinda like a drama rite)

Then Changmin turn around and look at me like he really saw me beyond the mirror, because i thought changmin saw me, i knocked at the mirror again,screaming and begging “changmin oppa!!! Please…please…” , I felt like changmin really could see me, then he release a heavy sigh and put his hand onto the mirror, i put my hand on his’, just like this scene in “Another Cinderella story” Drew Seeley cant see Seleena Gomez but she can see him,

changmin’s eyes was filled with tears, mine too. Then i said “Oppa it’s okay!…..i’m here, cass here, Bigeast here, the fans always stand by TVXQ” (when i remember this again, i never knew why i said that)

the he looked down and cried,
When i saw he’s crying, that made me cried even harder. I kneeled and cried. I felt really hopeless. REALLY hopeless.

Then Jaejoong hugged him. They said something to the press but i cant hear anything, then suddenly there was Siwon (SuJu) in my room (how did he get in IDK) Siwon was comforting me like a baby, he didnt say anything. He just smiled at me. Then i said to him something like this “I love those guy so much, i really do. but why i cant do anything? why? why?”

Then he smiled and said “be an ELF , come with me” XD
The dream got weirder after that from a really soap opera kind of dream to a WTH kinda dream

Nino (yes, Arashi’s Nino) suddenly appear and said “NO! be an Arashi fan!”

Then Junno (KAT-TUN) appear and said “i know you want me” then he started singing GOING! and the rest of Kat-tun’s member appear, started with Kame with his line “Goin’ Yeah! Just Goin’ Yeah! Right Now We’re Goin’!” it’s so weird and creepy seriuosly

Then I pushed Siwon (i cant believe it! HOW COULD I PUSH SIWON??) knocked at the mirror again and Scream “Oppa!! I want you ONLY!” yeah and magically they can hear me and yoochun do the knock-on-the-mirror-like-in-mirotic’s-MV and the Mirror just broke, just like that.

Then,they do the slow-mo-walk-to-look-cool thing,

If you think they gonna save me and be a hero, well you’re wrong! they SING, yes SING. They sing hug acapella version! and changmin who cried, looked really happy and gave me my History book with a sticky note that said “Study lah!” =____= (what happen to the drama, i seriuosly dont know) and then i cant remember what happen.

weird right? Maybe i was thinking too much.


  1. lala says:

    hahaha..u r funny darling:)

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